Who's your best clutch shooter all-time ? (HOGS)


Darrell was a fabulous player, but I would never categorize him as a “clutch shooter”. Heck, he may have the highest number of bank shots that never drew any rim of any starter we ever had!

Shelby Metcalf would disagree.

You’re talking about the reaction from Shelby after Sky Walker hit a 20 footer to beat the Aggies in College Station in 1982 (10:31 point of the embedded video). Big shot - but atypical for Walker. He was a great player - as I said above - but I don’t recall him hitting too many other buzzer beaters.

Still - I’d love to have him on THIS year’s team. Or Alvin . . . or U.S. . . . or Sidney . . . or Boot . . . or Marvin . . . or Lee . . . or Todd . . . or Scotty . . .


Man that was a great game. Darrel Walker is one of the great that did it all. Score, rebound, steals, and assists.