who's your all time greatest starting 5


I’d trade Russell or Jabbar for Wilt, and I would have to look hard at Kobe for Larry Legend, but again, your guys would definitely be on the team

My five:



Like your 5. However, I have a soft spot for Jabbar. So, I would go with Jabbar instead of Russell.

I can’t fault you. Someone that I always consider for the PF position that I never hear anyone else say is Worthy.

I find it extremely difficult to name the greatest 5 Razorback basketball players of all time, but I would rather put together the greatest roster of 15 of all time.

PG - Brewer, Mayberry, Walker
SG - Moncrief, Day, Robertson
SF - Johnson, Delph, T. Brown
PF - Williamson, Portis, Hastings
C - Lang, Miller, Kleine

Honorable mention: Thurman, Beverley, Reed, Morris, Credit, Pargo

This would be a roster that would be a difficult matchup for any program in the country to contend with all time.

Go Hogs!

I’ll go with Dudley on the 5 best Razorbacks.

I believe Wilt Chamberlain was the greatest NBA player of all-time. For those of you who never watched him play…he ran track, the 440 yard dash, and high jumped at Kansas where he went to college.

He was 7-2 and weighed 320 lbs. He had a great fade away jumper which he banked off the backboard. He averaged 50.4 points a game one year in his prime…that is correct 50.4 points per game. Think Shaquille O’Neal with skill. He was so dominating it was truly remarkable. It was said he could jump and touch the top of the backboard.

He scored 100 points one night against the New York Knicks. He was a giant and a great athlete…a rare combination, indeed.

The OP asked for the greatest starting 5. I took that as a team:
Elgin Baylor

I like this as the best TEAM. PG, 2G, SF, PF, & C

Now 5 best NBA players all time:

Oscar, MJ, Magic, Wilt, and the NBA symbol, Jerry West.

5 best Razorback BB players: Super Sid, Corliss, & pick 3 from about 10 that deserve to be included. My 3 would probably be Mayberry, Day, and Klein.

You are correct Wilt was a phenomal athlete. Also why I like Pistol Pete as far as pure basketball skills. He is another that might have averaged 50 in a season if the 3 pt line would have been in effect.

I’m going with this one

I’ll stay with Dudley’s

Yes, Dudley’s

I would add Martin Terry into the mix.

If you’re talking about choosing a player that best filled a position (instead of putting a player at a position because he was one of the best 5), I’d have Kareem Reid as my PG. All-time leader in assists at UA. However, Lee Mayberry would certainly be 1a. I’d give slight advantage to Kareem because he did it with less around him. Lee had two first-round NBA players with him.

Brewer’s assist numbers suggest he would’ve played 2-guard on a team with Reid or Mayberry.