who's your all time greatest starting 5

G Mayberry
G Moncrief
F Day
F Williamson
C Portis

Hard to leave out Delph & the Boot. Especially if Delph played in this era of the 3 pt shot.

PG Ron Brewer
SG Sidney Moncrief
SF Marvin Delph
PF Corliss Williamson
C Joe Kleine


I’d go with this, also.

Me too

PG Scott Rose/Shepard
SG Rickey Norton
F Davor Rimac
C Scott Hastings

Bring it on!


Tommy Boyer would get my consideration.

You make Nolan look like a genius. With just one Top 5 player, a national championship, national runner-up and a Final Four.

I like your starting 5 the best in this thread, except there could be a debate over Portis and Kleine and Miller.

.Again this would be the most productive Top 5.

However, if one was to select the most talented and skilled Top 5, Ron Brewer and Joe Johnson were co-most skilled players to wear a Hog uniform.

I was in school there at the same time as the first set of Triplets mentioned above so I am probably biased in that direction. Marvin Delph had the purest stroke of any player I have seen. Brewer was dependable and a great floor captain. I was in the Barn one night and saw Brewer inbounding the ball from the sidelines, just inside half court. He attempted an alley-oop into Moncreif (I think it was Sid, not certain) but it went in without Sid touching it, he couldn’t miss even when trying. It didn’t count of course since the pass was coming from out of bounds. But honestly I might include Todd Day in front of Delph, its close tho. When Day put in 40+ against LSU and Shaq it made a permanent place in my heart for him. And Joe Kleine was a beast, holding his own against Akeem O.


PG - Mayberry
SG - Moncreif
SF - Day
PF - Big Nasty
C - Big O

I think with the other four, it would be more of an uptempo pace, and Miller would have been better than Big Joe for that style.

However, Joe, Delph, Brewer, ISO Joe, Thurman, Beck, Brewer, Jr, just off the top of my head would be on the bench.

I’d trade Russell or Jabbar for Wilt, and I would have to look hard at Kobe for Larry Legend, but again, your guys would definitely be on the team

My five:


A good group as well. Chamberlain was always one of my favorites. He set records that will never be broken. Now it’s possible someone may score 100 in a game. But they will not average 50 for the season. And no one will ever get 55 rebounds in one game again. I could make a case for Curry over Magic. A PG with unlimited range is incredible. But I’m gonna have to keep Larry with my starters. Fun huh?

My 5

Pistol Pete

I was talking Hog all time Greatest…

PG - Lee Mayberry
SG - Todd Day
SF -William Mills
PF - Bobby Portis
C - Oliver Miller

Who is the coach? Is the three point line in play and is the dunk back in play? Corliss and Sidney regardless. Other three dependent on questions

I’d say Nolan