Who's the poster that hates our BB team

Last thing I’m going to say on this but it is somewhat amazing to me how controversial of an opinion it is that I support Mike and the team (I’m at every game with my 4 season tickets), yet am somewhat disappointed with where this program is at in year 8. Oh sorry, evidently I’m not supposed to count years.

As a stated originally, I don’t want any of the three coaches I mentioned and I just pulled those schools from the top of my head with the qualifier that, traditionally, they were equal or lesser programs than Arkansas. There are more examples, and I’m sure there are better examples: Howland at MSU, Pearl at Aub, Sampson at Houston (yes, I know they’re sleazy), Musselman at Nevada, Oats at Buffalo, etc. I’m also fully aware of examples that support Mike Anderson…Tony Bennett at UVA, Beilein at Michigan, Kruger at OU. Their sustained success came later.

A lot of the responses were disappointing an indicative of the reputation of this board.

As usual, snark from Adam. If a very innocuous, calm, unemotional response in a thread I didn’t start makes your day miserable…well then, I feel sorry for you. How’d all those posts you made this summer lamenting the football staffs’ recruiting, or lack thereof, age?? They’d been here for SIX MONTHS and you were all over them.

And stuff like this below, the overly dramatic hyperbole, isn’t helpful or constructive to having a measured debate.

PJ, please show me where I’ve said I didn’t want Mike or don’t want him anymore. I’m friendly with Mike, he’d know me if we ran into each other, I’ve been to his place a number of times, he’s a good man and a good coach. Doesn’t mean I can’t reasonably be disappointed in the progress and quite frankly…Mike has privately shared his frustration with people that he hasn’t gotten us to a perennial top 15 program status with at least one or two sustained tournament runs yet.

I’ll be in my usual seats on Wed, wearing red, cheering for the home team and their coach.

There is not another coach who I believe would even come close to CMA that we could get. I love his history with our program. Recruiting is tough and NCAA basketball across the SEC and the nation has gotten to the point where you have to corral the in-state players and hope you can lure a couple of top-notch players from outside the state. He has done that of late. I did wonder what happened with a couple of high profile recruits who transferred. I wondered whether their not getting the minutes as freshmen was talent, effort, or a tiff with the coaching staff. Doesn’t matter. We are where we are.

Have you had these conversations with Mike when you’re at his house, or do you just talk about him behind his back?

No one thinks it’s crazy to like MA and support the team while being slightly disappointed in his tenure.

But, that’s not what you put yourself out to be on this board. You consistently hammer him and have for years.

When they win a big game you may slink out and post a “I’ll gladly eat crow when it’s warranted” post, which is code for “I’m going to consistently and mercilessly bash this guy and everything he does, but I have to appear reasonable when they win a big one”.

Spare me your incredulity. Your post history regarding MA speaks for itself. I have neither the time, nor the inclination to go back and pull examples, but it wouldn’t take much.

You may not like the label, but the tenor of your posts most certainly makes you appear to be a MA hater—not a “slightly disappointed”er.

And, if you really are an acquaintance of his and have been to his house multiple times, and yet you come here and post the things you consistently have, that speaks volumes (and I don’t mean it speaks volumes about MA).

I thought the exact same thing.

If you do know someone personally and they are nice enough to invite you into their home several times, then the first thing you do is run to a message board and bad mouth them behind their back… that’s really sad. I don’t think I would have told anyone that if it was true.

I know Facebook is a little different that WholeHog message boards, but I see people do that crap ALL THE TIME. I believe it’s one of the major issues with society at the moment.

Why all the call outs over allegiance to a coach or program.

I for one like Mike a lot, but am disappointed we don’t have a conference title or at least one deep NCAA run in his tenure.

This is a young team and we all know ups and downs but it’s not his first season either.

His one deep run in NCAA and coach of the year was unfortunately at Missouri and not here.

Mike deserves kudos for coming home and he’s family and program DNA which makes the fit perfect for us, and I think vast majority of us want him to have the elite program we believe fan base and history might warrant.

Mike has provided stability and in his early years and pride back in program after dark years none of us could have imagined.

But I don’t think it’s wrong to expect a more consistent top program or have questions at this stage of tenure.

I want Mike to coach us forever but some suggest we couldn’t get anyone else to achieve similar results.

If he had a couple of deep NCAA runs or a conference title, I doubt there would be much discussion. But it hasn’t happened yet.

Unless I’m mistaken, Arkansas has not won a conference title in even like a quarter century.

Even with its dark years this is a proud program with a great history and well above average fan base.

It’s a monster that Mike is feeding and I am hopeful it remains hungry and is fed well even more often.

This fan very much wants and roots for Mike and the program we love to succeed.

Couple things here,

  1. I haven’t seen anyone say they’re glad Mike is not doing better. Everyone, even those arguing say we should have been a little deeper in the NCAAT and are disappointed (including Mike)

  2. Yes, this isn’t his first year, but it’s also his youngest team and if you’re actually watching (not aiming that at any one particular person), you should be very excited for the next few years. This team reminds me of the freshmen MayDay team. If y’all remember they only had one SR (we have one JR)

  3. This time thing everyone brings up. From Eddie (who had the Triplets in year three) to Nolan (who had MayDay in year four) it took 19 years to reach the pinnacle. Mike didn’t inherit the great program most of us grew up with, he inherited a program that was at pre-Eddie levels. Mike also hasn’t had his “Triplets”, 2020 looks like the year they exist (Moody, Doakes, and Moore, but I don’t think we land all three of them)

  4. The conference championship thing everyone brings up. The great Nolan only won 2 SEC championships and 1 SECT championship. Eddie won none. This isn’t the SWC. I’ve never thought CMA was as good as Nolan, but Nolan had 11 seasons in the SEC. Mike still has 3 1/2 to reach 11. Let’s revisit this topic then and see if he’s won a conference or tourney championship. Also, Nolan only made three SECT championship games. He finished 1-2. He won with a team no one expected him to win with. Mike has already reached 2.

  5. More consistent top program, maybe you should look a Notorious PIG’s post of the last four SEC seasons. We aren’t as bad as many, including yourself, seem to be indicating. (PIG, if you see this can you repost the last four years post again?)

Edit: Sutton did win both a SEC conference and SECT title, his first year at KY, I meant while at AR. But two legendary coaches - 15 years total in the SEC 3 conference titles - 2 SECT titles

I agree 100% I see people do it all the time as well. I call it just being fake and I personally can’t stand it.

Comments- Whaat!, did you just knock the ball out of the park, I could not have said it any better, hence I agree