Who's the Guy when Gafford and Jones are on the Bench

I just don’t, yet, see a “guy” out of the second unit.

My personal feeling is that we clearly saw the weakness of the mass second unit between the 15 and 10 minute mark in the second half. It appeared that we could have been on the verge of a blow out. Then woosh, the lead evaporated. Then, it was a nail-biter the rest of the way.

True Joe has a nice game for a true frosh, but he’s not yet “the guy”.

There’s a part of me that hopes that Chaney can become the guy. Gosh, he already looks like a junior, but he’s still playing like each game is his first.

I think we’re in trouble if we don’t figure this out fairly soon.

It’ll be fun watching this team grow this year. Still, my fingers remain crossed that DG stays for a junior season.

It’s Joe. Easily. He was off today but he’s an elite shooter.

After the game, the IU HC Archie Miller, said he thinks Joe will be one of the best shooters/scorers, ever, here.

And, that was after an “off game”.

So, there’s that.

I still think Gabe can be a scorer, I’m not as down on him as everyone else. I really like Sills, even though he struggled today. I would like to see more from Chaney.

Gabe is fine when he’s under control. Hit some 3s last year. Just doesn’t need to jack any time he gets it.

The 3 he hit today was perfect- was an inside out wide open 3 he can hit.

He needs to play his role and keep getting better. He has some potential and obviously must do well in practice or MA wldnt play him.

He and Cheney and Gafford allow us to switch everything and actually do it well.

Most people done look at the defensive end but this group has a chance to be very good, defensively. Gabe had 1 steal today, and another one that was wiped off on an absolute phantom, 5 seconds later, foul.

We will have growing pains this year but this team has really good long term potential if the haters will stay away

I thought this was a second unit question?

The first half the second unit played great. Very good defense. What I liked was they took their shots w. Confidence. Showed no hesitation. The second half with a little more pressure they played sorta tensely it seemed to me. Growing pains. They are coming on. I thought Chaney played well, sills and Embry were hawks defensively. Their offense will come. Gabe finally hit a shot or two but I hope he still understands his role. Bailey is the one player who had a bad game. But he scored 20 last game. Tells me he’s capable but not a go to guy for a score. Teams that don’t double gafford are gonna pay. I was very surprised they didn’t double him aggressively right off the bat. Remember we have. 6’7” guard about to start practicing. If he comes on we might be pretty salty come conference time.

We don’t have one yet, but as the season goes along, I believe a couple of guys will emerge. Defensively Sills is the guy to get us a stop. Offensively, Joe is the first guy I’d go to.

The subject line asked who the “guy” was if Gafford and Jones were on the bench. Then the post discussed Joe before talking about the 2nd unit, so it was kinda both.

That 1st sentence (good defense) like they played in 1st half is what I think MA is banking on early in the season, just keeping the opponent at bay. But that unit got rattled 2nd time around turning the ball over, lapses on defense, the bucket closed up. Plus Indiana has some good shooters. I think more offense will materialize from these guys as they mesh.

I don’t think there will be just one guy who comes in with the second unit to provide the offense. Phillips once he gets ready to play will provide some punch inside and outside. Sills can provide on both ends.
Chaney is the wild card down low in time the game will slow down for him and he will shine. I’m hoping Henderson works his tail off too get ready to play and get stronger.
We will need him as the season goes along. Gabe can be a monster on defense and the unknown on offense.

The bench is a work in progress just like the starting 5. This young team will develop in front of our eyes.
They have areas to improve from the FT line, rebounding and cutting down turnovers. Value the ball on the fast break and score. Finding out what a good shot is and player movement on offense.
I noticed some flashes today from Harris and Jones getting assists that were a pleasant surprise. By conference time they won’t be an easy team to beat.

Cheney is going to be a beast.

How awesome is it that we are projecting on players who are yet to develop even.

We just beat a good Indiana team with a great center and basically a bunch of underclassmen who have barely played the college sport.

If we can just make the tourney this year, this team won’t be in jeopardy of missing for years after.

I think you see one of Gafford, Jones and Joe on the floor most of the time.

As who is the guy on the second - there’s not one yet. Or he would be on the first team.

But Keyshawn Embery-Simpson and Reggie Chaney have a chance to step into that role offensively as does Phillips when he gets going