Who's the fullback?

That’s always the question I want answered at the start of the camp. It’s often overlooked, but obviously an important part of the offense. Kiero Small and Patrick Arinze were always a little unheralded in the success of Alex Collins and Jonathan Williams.

I think Arkansas has several options there this year - probably more than any other preseason in Bielema’s tenure.

  • Hayden Johnson was recruited to play fullback. You wonder if he’s going to be ready to do that as a freshman, both from a physical standpoint and knowledge of the offense. He also didn’t play the position in high school.

  • Damani Carter and Chris Jones are both fullbacks on the roster. Neither played a lot last year. I’m a little surprised Jones hasn’t been in more games.

  • Bielema said Josh Williams may get a look at fullback this season. He looks the part physically, but there may be an adjustment period there like there was with Kendrick Jackson last season.

  • I think Austin Cantrell is an interesting candidate to try there. He is up to 272 pounds now, so you wonder if he has lost some quickness. I remember coaches saying last season that he needed to be better in blocking. Fullback blocks a little different than tight end, especially tight ends that are lined up on the line of scrimmage. Regardless of how they classify him, I think he’ll be in some lead block situations this year in 2 or 3 tight end sets.

  • Kendrick Jackson played fullback last year, but he’s at linebacker now and will probably stick there.

My bet is Hayden Johnson. I remember seeing him at the spring game and saying ‘wow’. He looked good on his official visit, but man did he work hard in the weight room and change his body when I saw him at the game. One can only imagine what Herb did to him in a few months.

He had a 3.92 GPA while taking AP classes in high school so the smarts are there and I see him being physical enough to play this year.

Another guy who lined up at fullback late in year is Jack Kraus. Yes, he’s a tight end. But he knows the offense and can be that guy who moves around to load up formations.

Austin Cantrell is an interesting story. The guy is a great athlete. At 272 pounds, and if he maintained his speed, that is scary. There has to be a place for this kid.

Jimmy on the FB position

http://www.wholehogsports.com/news/2016 … ld-fb-job/

Some of the most impressive blocks freeing running backs last year were made by the tight end blocking on dive plays from the full back position. That was a play that everyone in the stadium knew was coming, but the defense could not stop it.

Definitely, the fullback will be Hayden Johnson. I think tight ends will help, too. I think Austin Cantrell and Jack Kraus are in the picture there.

Watching Hayden Johnson move on Saturday reminded me of Peyton Hills from a few years ago. Good hands and great feet. Peyton was a great player at Arkansas and his best position was fullback. Hayden may be cut from that mold, but bigger.