Who's the better barger?

Jersey or Saylor? To this point, statistically speaking, it would appear to be Saylor. It’s early though, and that could change. What is going on with Jersey? Is she healthy? Why has she not had a bigger impact on Mike’s team?

she doesn’t have to do as much with the added height and depth…i expect her to start heating up in the non conference and ready for conference(jersey)saylor is contributing well in all areas but scoring which i hope will come too

Saylor has a better all around game but is not scoring much. Jersey is a better scorer.

Salyor nor Jersey need to score with the options available from others. Both are outstanding players with Barnum coming back this year in a fury. I realize the opposition has something to do with her offensive success with Carolina, Tennessee, Florida, etc., bringing a more difficult challenge. Langerman is other surprise matched the expected production from Carr and Dauda. As with Spencer’s scoring last night, and Daniels ready as required, offensive doesn’t seem to be a problem this year.

I have seen Jersey’s line drive/no arch 3 pt. shot attempts too often. When is she going to start putting some arch on those shots?? She is valuable as a low post defender, but needs lots of work on her perimeter shot!

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