who's our PG in 2 years?

After Barford, Macon, and Beard graduate who’s the PG? Garland will be a SO and I assume he’ll be the guy. Joe and Sills will be freshmen so we better hope Garland is able to handle the load.

Yea, I remember reading somewhere that Garland was really working on becoming a PG. I could see him playing a Ky Madden type role where he handles that ball a lot. Also, don’t forget RJ Glasper, who CMA said would most likely redshirt this year, will be in the mix. CMA said in the most recent presser that Glasper was going to be a good player. By this time he’d been on campus 3 years, so I look for him to compete for some PG minutes by then as well.

Also, that 2018 class isn’t done yet. They are still targeting guys like Courtney Ramey, who’s a highly rated PG. And I’m sure there’s other names that we may not know about.

On Hogville, there was a poster whose screen name was Alan Garland. He claimed to be Khalil’s dad. He said he was encouraging him to become a PG. Thought with his size and quickness, it maybe his way to play in the league.

I’m not sure about Ramey. I know Scottie was recruiting him and his buddy Gordon. They had stated somewhere they wanted to play together. Gordon committed to Ford and STLU yesterday. So, I’m thinking Ramey maybe off the board.

You hear “want to play together” quite a bit on the recruiting trail. I just wonder what the percentages are when it actually happened. We have been on the wrong end of that ourselves.

I heard about that. I think Garland can play PG though, just from watching some of his games in EYBL with team Penny, he has good court vision and nice handles. Like I was saying earlier, he could be a Ky Madden type of combo guard for us.

Also, I agree with PJHawg, I don’t put stock into that “We’re going to play together in college.” A lot of kids say that and it doesn’t happen. I can think of a few situations off the top of my head, where kids said they were an absolute package deal and it never happened. One recent example for Hog fans, a couple of years ago when we were recruiting the JUCO ranks for Willie Atwood and Trey Dickerson, they claimed they were an absolute package deal, one went to Iowa the other Arizona State.

Didn’t “he who shall not be named” say he wanted to play with Fox? I believe Bam said the same. So, it happened last year

That is true, but look what school they signed up with. I think players usually go with the best option they can find. So, unless the two buddies get offered by the same school that happens to be the highest on their list, each of the two will go with the best offer. I think.

This topic has some concern from me. But, I think it’s because I prefer true PG’s or at least, guys that have a lot of experience and success with the ball in their hands (i.e. Barford).

I do see the skills with Garland. And, maybe he makes me feel better this high school season. I just want to see him do it more than he has to this point.

I also think that Glasper is an underrated walk-on but there’s a good chance that he is not at the level we need at that time.

I don’t expect us to sign Ramey or another top 50 high school PG in the 2018 class. Maybe Sills really develops as a primary facilitator.

If I were CMA, though, I’d really consider going full bore after a top flight Juco PG for the 2018 class.

I don’t know about Garland and his development, I know you see a lot more of these guys than me, but what I looked at is matchup problems. Garland (6’5-6’6 range) PG, CJ Jones (6’5-6’7 range, was said last year he’s expected to grow to 6’7, by that season, he should have fulfilled the potential everyone sees) SG, DJ Weaver (I Hope) 6’7-6’8 range, SF, Perry 6’10-7’0 range PF, Gafford 6’10-7’0 range C.

To me that is a long, athletic lineup. 6’6 PG, 6’7 SG, 6’7/6’8 SF, 6’10 PF, 6’10 C. That’s a matchup problem for most teams, and because of length and athleticism could be “the team” that puts us back to the glory days.

Definitely possibility of a long lineup like that (don’t think Weaver would be in there). But, Garland is not an accomplished PG right now. He can certainly become one. Nows the time to start showing us he can be one.

Curious about Weaver? Looked up his Future 150, he was ranked 6th. The guys he was compared to were - EJ Montgomery, Ladarius Marshall, Nicholas Bonitto, Greg Williams, Reggie Perry. So, he’s compared to two 5*, two 4*, and a 4* DE that gave up basketball. Is he not that good?

Bill Ingram is very high on Weaver. Watching his highlights as a high school freshman, you can see why, RazorAg’s comment maybe more about needing guards more than another big, I think,

A pure PG has been my concern about the Hogs ever since Fortson left. I like a pure PG that UA also a scorer. So, even Durham did not meet my objectives. I am hoping Barford is more than a combo guard,

I do think my type of PG is arriving in 2019. Given that it does make sense to sign a Juco PG in 2018 and have a year of overlap with Hill. Plus as I said before, it will allow for balancing of the classes.

Certainly wouldn’t count out Jonesboro junior point guard Desi Sills, recently elevated to a four-star in a composite ranking.

Agreed with both posts. In fact, it’d probably be my top priority in recruiting.

Who are we after besides Ramey? Or do you expect a JUCO?

Dudley or Richard would be better able to answer that. That roster, if everything stays the same, should be set in the frontcourt. So my 3 main recruiting priorities would be…

1 PG
2 Shooting

Obviously combining the two would be ideal.

Dudley, Richard, Razor, PJ, anyone out there that meets the ideal? If so, JUCO, freshmen, and are we talking to them?

Since the junior college season has not begun yet, I don’t that Arkansas has an eye on a juco PG yet that has not played a game.

Sills is one and I wouldn’t be surprised if they sign another to go along with him as well as Justice Hill coming the following year

We tend to forget about him as a PG. If he keeps improving, he could step in immediately. They could be fine in 2018 with Glasper and Sills.