Who's not signing early??

Curious of our 25 some odd commitments, who is going to wait until February to sign their NLI’s?

Feb. signees:

A’Montae Spivey

Hudson Henry

Treylon Burks

Myles Brooks

Dante Walker

Why are those five not signing early? I’m most curious about Hudson Henry.

His best friend is John David White and he’s not signing until Feb.

Hudson Henry would be the least worrisome to my way of thinking :sunglasses:

I wish they ALL were signing next week so we wouldn’t have to worry about anything through the holidays!!! :wink:

Pretty sure Pulaski Academy doesn’t have an early graduation…

December signing period is not reserved for people who can be on campus in January. It is useful for the midterm enrollees, of course, but Henry could sign this month if he wished, early grad or not.

Getting the feeling that Brooks and Spivey won’t be Hogs. Hope we can land RB Glover Cook if Spivey flips to Ole Mrs. Not sure who we have on the radar if/when Myles Brooks decommits though.

The two silents if they remain firm make Myles Brooks a little less needed.