Who's in?

None of that around here. I mean the beer. We got plenty of snow.

I hate beer. Give me some wine or my favorite B&B which I often combine with Bailey’s Irish Cream.
Usually I just sip my B&B.
I sure miss my cigars.
My wife(Eloise) prefers Grand Marnier.
I love snow, but I HATE cold weather. Bring back sunny days.
We are both excited to see Hog Baseball.

Watch your language around here. You can’t hate beer.

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I understand I am the outlier here.
I don’t even like the smell of it.
Brandy sniffing is another matter.
That’s why I miss my cigars so much, they couple well.

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I don’t “hate” beer, but I’m not a fan. I like a decent red wine, and Baileys is a treat. I’ve never tried it in combination with anything other than Blue Bell vanilla bean.

I’m with Richard; I like craft beers, preferably amber or darker.

Beer is best when bailing and hauling hay. I did my share of both back in the day.

Beer is best - uhm well anytime!
Except driving or at work or for breakfast.