Who's in charge of CMA"s wardrobe?

He’s really looking sharp this year. Nearly every game this year, at some point in the game, I’ve thought “Dang, Miike’s suit/vest is sweeeet!”.

I know Bruce Pearl fancies himself a fashion dude, so that vest MIke wore must have been KILLING Pearl lol


Great post! I was admiring Coach A’s wardrobe as well.

Marcheita. WPS

CMA has always dressed well. Never flashy, always classy.

The Razorback red material on the back was outstanding!

Mike doesn’t use Bret’s fashion designer…

I was telling my wife how nice his suit is and I could see myself wearing a suit like that on Sunday and preaching the good word… All in all Coach A had on a nice ensemble

He has mentioned before that his wife take care of his wardrobe.

Since I own a men’s clothing store, I’ll chime in. I have wondered the same thing so I asked my good friends at Walker Brothers in Fayetteville. They do not provide his clothing and my best guess is that Dillard’s does it. They have for coaches in the past. As far as style goes, he has been hit and miss, imo.

These are the types of posts you get on a winning run… haha.

I agree, sharp dressed man. Would like to see him break out the boots!