Who's going to Greenville, SC?

Thinking of going to Greenville, SC, this Friday. Who else is going?

I go by Greenville, SC, whenever I drive to Florida. Last time I actually stayed there was the weekend after 9/11. For a Bar Mitzvah for a friend of my son’s. Half of the relatives could not get there, their flights from NYC had been cancelled. The party Saturday night was awesome, though. It was at a gym. The gym insisted the party and the weight machines be separated from one another. So the Dad, a former Broadway set designer, made a Mets outfield wall around all of the machines. And the Mom had solicited congratulatory notes from ballplayers or all races and religions and from sports celebrities such as Chris Berman (“Congrats! You went All the Way!”), which were posted on the wall. I spent all night being entertained by a professional magician friend of theirs seated at my table, who did card tricks for me. When I wasn’t playing basketball, the court was open even though the weight machines were closed.

By the way, don’t get lost, the venue is in Greenville, SOUTH Carolina, NOT Greenville, North Carolina. No NCAA event is in North Carolina. Due to HB2,

Pretty sure my wife and I are coming down. Looking at tickets now.