Who's Going to Be Our Stopper

In these next two classes? Manny’s eligibility is complete, so who is going to be our defensive stopper? We need a “dog” to set the tone against the other team’s best player that it’s going to be a LONG night for him.

Also, is one of the two instate guards for 2018 a PG type or are they both SGs? Surely one of them will run point.

I’ve heard rumors that Darius Hall is a tough, tenacious and versatile defender. I’m yet to see him play though.

I am betting on Jaylen Barford and Daryl Macon in their second year as Hogs.

Good question on the stopper. I do know they will be taller, longer and more athletic on the wing than they have been.

Having seen Isaiah Joe play about a dozen times, he is a shooting guard better suited to play off the ball as a secondary ballhandler at this point.

Desi Sills plays the 2 for Jonesboro but is a combo guard who I think can serve as a primary ballhandler. Haven’t seen him in person, but really, really like his game from the film I’ve seen. I think he could develop into a lead guard.

Obviously they’re looking at adding a PG (and a big) for the 2017 class.

Yea they are decent right now, and they are JUCO guys, another year in the system and they will be very solid. Cook is also decent right now as well.

Sills has that mentality. He isn’t tall, but he won’t be pushed around and is very aggressive. He guards non-stop, even when his team is way ahead.