WhoRemembers Ark Special Teams Not being so Special?

My how Arkansas Special Teams have matured - still things to fix but soooo much better

Our Field Goal Kicker and Punter Are Special and consistent this year

Now last few games it’s seems of the offense and Defense Squads only one has shown up

Vs Ole Miss and Bama the Offense showed up

Vs Miss State the Defense carried the offense

But Special teams has pretty much remained consistent

Now if Both offense and defense show up with Special Teams for the Mizzou game - it will be a blow out with a huge Arkansas win

After lane Kiffin said I - I’m reluctant to say “grab your pop corn”

But hey I’ll have mine this Friday

Special teams has indeed improved this year. Calvaruso is kicking them deep. Cam isn’t little, he’s darn near automatic. Coverage teams have improved.

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So true - just think how far this area has come from one year ago

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Not a small reason why they are 8-4. Hard to win with just special teams, but you can sure lose in one big hurry without it. I have really enjoyed kickoffs this season. Just watch them sail for no runback


Sorry, 7-4, looking to get to 8-4. Certainly not counting that one yet and will not until we have at least a 1 pt lead when the clock strikes 0:00.

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I’m looking forward to 9-4.

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Me too but it’s really hopeful to stop this ridiculous loosing steak to Mizzou and return to Arkansas to a dark horse status

Beating Mizzou a c a bowl win is a step in the right direction = better recruiting

Give it some time and Coach Sam will make serious noise in the SEC

Special teams has become an asset.

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They are the most improved part of this team… they deserve Big Time kudos because they were blasted for so long, time to give credit where credit is due… Great job guys, keep it up.


I was thinking the same - now they are a team strength- the only thing missing seems to be a Joe Adams like return threat but definitely a solid part if the team

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It says a lot, too, on trusting who Sam brings in as a coach. We heard CSF was an elite Special Teams coach. Last year, we all questioned the hire. This year, we are getting to see why he was such an important piece of the puzzle.

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