Whoooooops! And at LSU

Odom is being approached.

I hope we can keep him.

I’m reading also that the cinncy d c Freeman , muschamp, strong, mason are on the list also. I hope we keep Odom. I read elsewhere That Freeman is interviewing at LSU tomorrow (don’t know if true or not )

Can Odom go to a school in our conf?

No non-compete clauses. Relationships built the staff.

I am betting that Odom gets a pay raise and stays.

I had a hunch Odom would not be here long but I was hoping for at least 2 maybe 3 years. Still hoping thats the case now.

LSU won’t pay him more than he was making as head coach at MO. Anything less than that won’t give him a raise. It would just mean MO would be paying less. I doubt money would be motivation for him to leave unless it was a head coaching job.

I guess if he thinks LSU would give him a better stepping stone to a head coaching job he might leave.

Taking the DC job this past year has probably ended Bo Pelini’s chances of ever being a head coach again. Probably ended his chances of being a coordinator at a P5 school again.

I will go with my gut on this one and say Odoms relationship with Pittman wins out over the glamour of LSU & Orgeron. Even if the pay is more.
He may get a slight raise here also.

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I’m not so sure it’s that great of a job at this very moment. I don’t think Pelini did a particularly good job there, but the man knows defense. For that team to look as bad as it did defensively,…I don’t know. If I’m Odom, I think long and hard about joining that team right now. Something smells rotten in Denmark…err… Baton Rouge.

Bo Pelini may get hired on Chavis’ team cause I’d imagine chavis will need a d. c.

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