WholeHogSports Video Anywhere App

We are rolling out our new WholeHogSports Video Anywhere app. You can download it in the channel stores for Apple, Google Play, Amazon Fire TV and Roku.

This free app allows you a new way to watch all of our videos on all of your devices, including your TV. It includes the interviews you see on this site, as well as other features and on-camera analysis from our reporters. The podcast that pushes to your iPhone will also live here and we plan to produce some documentary-like programs on the app as well.

Blake Sutton is our newest employee and is overseeing this channel. Blake has a Master’s degree from the University of Arkansas in documentary filmmaking and formerly worked for the Razorback Sports Network.

Works great! Thanks Matt

This is a big deal. I know Matt and others have championed this in meetings. It’s cool to see it work.

I can see the value of this while I’m hunting and fishing. Good graphics.

What is the name of the App to download from the App Store? Thanks.

Search for “WholeHogSports” in any of the app stores and it should be the only result.

Matt, you and your colleagues have done an excellent job with this app. Wish the Gameday app worked as well as this one.

PJ, search for Whole Hog Sports. Need the spaces in the name.

Looks great on my Apple TV and iPhone. Really great job.

Matt, how hard would it be to have an iPad app? I can install the iPhone version on the iPad and it works but all of the graphics and orientation only works in portrait not landscape.

It’s a minor deal, works really great. Love it.

Thanks. That worked. You need those spaces. Thanks for figuring that out. I thought I was going stupid and was about to give up on this. Thanks again for the instructions.

I appreciate that. One thing to note: this app is still in its early stages. It is going to grow into something more.

I am talking with the developers today and will ask about the iPad. What store did you search? I was able to type “wholehogsports” with no spaces into my store and found it with no problem.

I had to uses spaces on Apple TV app store and the iPhone app store.

Thanks. I’ll mention that in our meeting today.

The graphics and orientation only work in portrait, but the video plays in landscape.

I did notice that in portrait on my iPad mini, it is very hard to see and scroll through the individual videos. The Play All option takes up most of the screen real estate.

I obviously didn’t pay enough attention to the graphic. I loaded the app to my iPhone and iPad right away, but I just loaded it using Amazon Fire Stick this morning. I love it, keep up the good work!