Whole Lotta 50/50 Games left

Don’t see us beating Aubrun or Bama and don’t see us losing to Coastal Carolina. Every other game could go either way. Two things working against us in the tight games. We have a kicker who has never attempted a FG in a college game and a coach with a very bad record in games decided by a TD or less.

I don’t put much stock in those kinds of stats. To me their about like a coin coming up heads several times in a row. I know that’s not a perfect analogy, but I just don’t think that history is too instructive. I remember a few years ago when we had a long winning streak in WMS & people thought it was the stadium that made the difference.

There are lies, damned lies, and statistics. As per the esteemed Mark Twain.

Matchups are difficult from player vs player, games before and after
and what’s on the line for bowl implications. Gosh, it’s worse
than calculus.

Should be interesting to say the least, the best that can be said is that we have more room to improve than anyone in our division. Receivers are coming around, we have some speed and we are playing a bunch of young guys everywhere, which should translate to becoming better down the road. The key is to improve every week with no steps backward, offense has to score big every game until D gets better. WPS

I am not going to judge the 50/50 games right now because injuries will change teams. Look at USCe who was hyped and then lost their best player to settle into nomalcy. There is enough time for LSU, Misstake and Mizzery to right the ship to a degree. Misstake is going to come back. OM may have just had the emotional door slammed by Bama, because the fans and team may fold up.

I just hope we come out of the Bama and AU games without any inuries, because AU’s Dline is back to a high level of cheap shots on QB’s.

Our Losses came against what now appears to be solid teams -A&M looks pretty good with a true freshman QB. TCU is looking pretty good too.

The lunatic fringe isn’t anything more than the vocal minority

There are a lot of winnable games left. TCU and Texas A&M are better than a lot of the teams left on the schedule, and both of those games were competitive.

My prediction is Arkansas finishes 7-5.

I was hopeful that Connor Limpert could have at least attempted a field goal in the New Mexico State game. Arkansas is 0-for-2 on the season on field goal tries. At some point, a field goal is going to be an important piece to a game. After all, it is called football.

It bothers me that in year 5, when the SEC is arguably the weakest it’s been in over 10 years, the best we can hope for is 7-5.

Yes. The first 2 4th down attempts I understood and agreed with.

The last time, with the game no longer in doubt, was a perfect opportunity to give the kid an actual no kidding in game rep.

I have noticed all his XPs have been right down the middle.

The best you can hope for is 10-2. What I expect is 7-5. Two different things.

At this point I think we should finish 8-4. Will we? Dunno. The SEC West is as far down as it’s been in a long time

I don’t know why it bothers me so much, but I keep reading posts like this and it just absolutely drives me nuts. 7-5 is not the best we can hope for, 10-2 is. 7-5 is much more likely, but I can’t believe how many fans are just willing to concede losses in games 3 or 4 weeks away. What if Jerod Stidham goes down and two of their defensive lineman catch the flu? What if we get an early lead on bama and a Monsoon rolls in? ( I hope not, will be at that game). What if our O-line improves over the next 3-4 weeks and the defense tightens up? Until last year, BB’s teams here got better and better and the season progressed, it could easily happen this year as well.

I’m not at all sure the SEC is that weak. There’s been some juggling of who is on top & who isn’t, but that’s about it. LSU is weaker than it’s been in a while, but UGA is much better. AU looks to be about as strong as it’s been in a while. Bama looks incredibly good. The SEC’s non-con schedule so far shows several notable wins against P5 schools. Until LSU’s loss to Troy, I’m not aware of any losses to G5 schools.

I think one could argue the SECW is a bit weaker than it’s been the last few years, but I’m encouraged by that. We’ve played what is probably the 3rd best team in the SECW. We have the top two left. I don’t expect to beat either of them, but I certainly hope & believe we can beat LSU, USCe, OM, MSU, & MU. I think we’re better right now than MU & OM. MSU’s blowout over LSU doesn’t look very significant now that it’s been blown out twice & LSU lost to Troy & struggled with Syracuse.

I think we’re simply about as good as, but no better than, every team in the SEC save Bama, UGA, & AU. We lost to a top 10 TCU & lost in OT to a team that’s pretty much equal to us. If we finish 4-4 in the SEC, we’re probably about where we ought to be. (By “ought to be” I mean 4-4 is probably an accurate representation of where we are in the SEC heirarchy this year–somewhere below the top 3 & above the bottom.) The SEC will all have “sub-par” records because we’ll all beat up on each other. The teams that will hurt the rest of us, and have above average SEC records are Bama, AU, & UGA. I’ll be satisfied with a 4-4 SEC finish this year. Will be pretty happy with a 5-3 record. Will be disappointed with 3-5, but not terribly surprised with that. I just hope 3-5 is the worst case scenario.

northeast I think we are in pretty good shape if we get past Bama and AU without injuries. AU is up to their crap of cheap shots on QB’s so I am worried about AA. I am hoping for 1-2 over the next 3 games, before we go to OM and have Coastal Carolina at home. OM is coming off a 66-3 beat down and now going to play AU, Vanderbilt and LSU before us, so I expect them to be in a free fall by our game. CC is going to be a healing game before we play LSU.