Whole lot of crooked numbers yesterday

Which just goes to show how even the best programs struggle to cover pitching for 3 or 4 games over 2-3 days. Our staff certainly held up better than most. Bring on the fightin chickens. They don’t scare me at all.

The only thing I don’t like about hosting S. Carolina is that we lose the “wow” factor of someone coming into Baum for the first time. Heck - these S. Carolina guys were here just 6 weeks or so ago. And, that’s one of the things that hosting gets you - being at home while someone who hasn’t been in your environment before has to come calling and experience 10K+ fans yelling at them.

Beyond that, I give S. Carolina props as a good, respected opponent. I do think we are better, but we’ll need to bring our “A” game . . . they won’t be intimidated.

South Carolina was not healthy earlier in the year. They’ve gotten a couple of good players back and they are coming together at the right time. It will be a tough series. USC did win a game at Baum earlier this season so they are confident they can play here. So it’s a formidable foe in all respects. But, I think at this time of year, it’s expected that you will draw a good team.

I hate to hear that. They’re always tough, but I’d hate to think we didn’t beat them at full strength last time but will face them at full strength this time. It wasn’t just that they beat us once in the last series, but that we barely won the two we won. I hope, but don’t at all expect, UNCW to win both games today.

Going into Hoover South Carolina was as hot as my team in the SEC and the Hogs beat them in Hoover 13-8. They have had player come back from injuries and while they are a frominable opponent it they make it past today it really doesn’t matter who we play next weekend in the super.
The pitching is going to get better and runs will become more important as you advance moving forward to Omaha! The bull pen will get more work and will need to do their job next week!

SC is very solid team that has enough pitching(we only scored 7 runs in 3 games on them) and power to beat us if we play the way we played last night.

we will need to crowd to be fired up like it was for the USM game and help us out I didn’t think the fans/team seemed ready for last night might have thought we already had it won.

We will win the super if we play our absolute best and if we don’t its very possible for SC to beat us.

Chickens haven’t won it yet. They only have to win once, but this is baseball; weird things happen. Fresno State won the NC as a 4 seed in a regional one year. And UNC Wilmington already took out a national seed.

I think you might be right about that. I admit I tended to assume a win last night. At least I did until Campbell immediately loaded the bases. Then I thought, “great. Now we’ve given back the extra rest because we went to our BP before we recorded an out.” Of course, we still had some advantage there, but DB’s pitching was better than I expected. Also, Reindl was putting too many on base.

HK’s drop of the easy fly ball late told me their heads still weren’t in the game. Of course, he made up for that by the spectacular HR-saving catch, but how often does he miss that popup? Cronin nearly threw the ball past Gates in the 9th. (Again, one of the reasons Gates is my MVP.)

At least I think we’ll respect SC. I’m not sure we respected DB, especially after they lost to USM like they did Friday.