Whole hog to new level

And not in a good way. Ads galore, covering articles, no way to hit an x and clear them off. Pulled up davenports highlights of our safety recruit. Not only did link not work, I got a Pepsi logo over and over. I visit many sports, work, and various sites each day and BY FAR, not even a contest whole hog wins hands down for the most ads. Has anyone ever bought anything from an ad that shows up on computer or in this case my I phone. You win whole hog.

I’ve noticed this recently as well. Frustrating

I use Adblock plus with Firefox on my laptop and Purify on my iPhone6 (my iPad cannot use Purify, so I seldom read the board on it.)

It’s amazing how clean things are when using an ad blocker.

Perfect thanks

I’m using Ad Block but i still see some ads to the side and one at the top. The advertisers are getting more creative in the ways they push the ads out to a site.

I got NO ads. None. I am on my computer, not on phone. I have an “ad blocker.” Maybe those two things are the difference.

As an aside, I know many use their phones to access this site and others. I do on rare occasions only. Now I do use my phone and ESPN’s site to keep up with scores, but the idea of trying to read articles, or post on a phone screen makes my eyes hurt just thinking about it! Every now and then I will be in a situation where I want to see what is going on on this site and won’t have access to my computer for a long time and will use my phone, but that is just very rare.

Showing my age? (53)???

I do keep my laptop with me almost everywhere I go (not talking about going to Church or out to eat of course, but I wouldn’t be checking this site while at Church or out to eat anyway!)

Sometimes when I first log in, I get ads if I’m on my laptop. However, if I refresh the page, the ads go away.

I don’t have an ad blocker on either my phone, my work computer or my laptop. I get some ads on the phone, but not any that I can’t ignore (don’t cover the things I want to read or anything). I use Firefox on my phone and Chrome on my laptop and at work.

I second Marty’s Purify recommendation. Don’t leave home without it.