Whole hog radio

I have not listened to a radio broadcast of ANY Razorback game in decades. I have a former HS classmate in Virginia who wanted to listed to the Bradley game. Would this have been a way?

You can listen live in the Arkansas Razorback app.

There is about a 30 second delay from live but most live streams are that way.

Didn’t work for me. 103.7 buzz app sucks. Did not work either

I listen to the Razorback App. a lot with few problems. Almost always catch post games with it as well.

In addition to the Razorback Gameday app, the Varsity Network app is a good way to listen to the games. It is an app that is operated by Learfield.

Whole Hog Radio is the name of our podcast channel. We are not affiliated with RSN in any way and do not have live audio there.

I don’t think RSN stations are allowed to stream games through their app separately.

I use the TuneIn app to get ESPN Arkansas.

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Yeah, ESPN Arkansas on TuneIn Radio is one way to do it too. I don’t think they’re technically allowed to stream it either, but ESPN Arkansas does. I have listened to entire games on that app. It’s a station out of Fort Smith. Tommy Craft, etc.

I was in Montana in mid-September and listened to the Missouri State football game on my gameday app and it worked perfect.

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