Whoever our coach is next year

Wait minute, I believe the SEC pundits had the hawgs finishing lower than they finished, how are they the worst team based on record,

The pundits guess as much as anyone that’s not a homer, especially the bottom half. How many of them picked LSU to win the regular season? Having said that, the Hogs aren’t the worst team in the conference. But they aren’t in the top half of the conference either.

Respectfully, are we really arguing that we are somewhere between dead last and almost last in the conference?

I weep for this program I knew once for several decades.

Unfortunately every SEC team except Kentucky has wallowed in the last 6 (we were 6th from bottom) in the last five years. There has been a lot of weeping around the league. This year, it is fans of Arkansas, Alabama, A&M, Georgia, Missouri and Vanderbilt that are doing the weeping. Who knows it will be next year.

Keep your spirits up. This is temporary. We have been wallowing in the last 6 just twice in the last 8 years. Anderson’s first year and this year. Wow, could it be first and last year? That is spooky.

I don’t believe that is possible. Mike will be beating the bushes, but they have already been picked clean. Of the ten or so top 200 players still remaining, non are showing any real interest in Arkansas. Therefore, Mike will sign one or two projects (non-rated or Jr College or possibly a 3 star) that other SEC teams have passed over.

I’m very discouraged about our prospects for improvement next year and/or the likelihood that Mike will be retained after next year.

Look at the top 100 prospect list for 2019 and 2020 high school and you’ll see what our problem is. Arkansas is only mentioned one time in 2020. Until we become relevant again to these recruits, nothing is going to change.