Whoever our coach is next year

REALLY has a tough year ahead of them. Our roster is probably the worst in the conference and lots of other teams have good coaches (including the cheaters).

Our program is really in poor shape, ugh. Can’t wait to have a team that is fun to watch again! Can’t wait for 19k screaming in the Bud again.

One of these years…



REALLY has a tough year ahead of them. Our roster is probably the worst in the conference and lots of other teams have good coaches (including the cheaters).

Our program is really in poor shape, ugh. Can’t wait to have a team that is fun to watch again! Can’t wait for 19k screaming in the Bud again.

One of these years…


[/quote]Good post. I just hope I am not to old to enjoy it when it does happen .


Honestly, I don’t believe we will ever see 19K screaming in the Bud again. Regardless of how good the team is. I said this a few years ago, I was at War Memorial when Miami thumped us, I was at Barnhill when Larry told Nolan we need some men. First college football game and basketball game I ever went to. The excitement (before the beatdown against Miami) was off the charts. I wanted my son to see that during Bret’s first year, took him to the very first game, place was packed, but the experience was a dud (and we won that game, and everyone was excited over Bret) I took him to BWA, again the “enthusiasm” by the fans was lacking (again we won). He pointed out to me, sitting at home watching the game is a better experience than what we saw in person, and he was right. By the way, he’s 21 and friends with Juwan Morgan. He and a group of friends went and watched Juwan at Assembly Hall. He told me the same thing about that experience. I don’t think playing for NC’s will change his age groups opinion. I think what we saw at Barnhill and the early days of BWA with the fan base will never happen again. Even if the team wins a Natty

I’m confused on how our roster is the worst in conference? Does Alabama, Vanderbilt, TAM, Mizzou, and all those guys got some signees that I don’t know about, that’s going to make them take a huge jump? We’ll be returning two 14 PPG including the best shooter in the conference, Joe may be the best shooter in the nation next year. Sills has been looking really good, shooting 42% from three, despite what people say about Harris he’s one of the best assist to turnover PGs in the nation. Then we don’t know who they will sign in the Spring, they are on some really good JUCO players that will be instant impact players. I really like Tyson Jolly, if they can land him, he’s a Barford level type of player.

Just like when we bounced back in 15-16, if CMA is still coach, I expect team to be much better. We had a lot of unfortunate stuff happen this year and we were in talks to make the tournament all the way until a few days ago.

The roster is a lot better than some think! We need a few players but by far not at the bottom of the conference . Zero seniors!
There needs to be some improvement in game situations for next year to be better.
I hope the guards we have now come back for next season. That the first thing that needs to happen. Next sign a couple of bigs.
Moo U and Tenn will look much different nest season as well as Auburn. Don’t count our hogs out!

I really think that team that went 0-19 against SEC foes this year had the worst roster, not the one that went 8-11.

You sure? Cause that’s not what I’m getting from the different boards covering AR.

Lol. You really can’t make this stuff up.

Nobody has any idea what next years roster looks like.

You sure? Because that’s not what everyone else is saying :smiley:

I’m not sure of much but i am sure that we will field a team and probably have some really good guards. I am also pretty sure that this years team didn’t suck nearly as bad as some people want to believe. Definitely filled with youth and lacked toughness but certainly not devoid of talent.

Also not buying that there are payers that are telling deep throat that they are gonna transfer if MA stays. I’d guess that more transfer out if he leaves.

My guess is this, if Mike is retained we will upgrade in a few area’s as Dudley has hinted. We need players that can put the ball in the hole.

This years team lost games due to rebounding, free throw shooting and lack of consistent scoring. I thought that they were coached pretty well.

All of this is just my opinion.

If (big if) Mike can recruit 2 serviceable bigs to replace Gafford and whomever transfers, then we will AT LEAST be as good as we were this year (I realize we want better).

I expect Joe to make a big jump with more strength. Having one of the best SGs in the nation is a great place to start. I also expect Chaney to make a big jump. Will Hill replace Harris? Don’t know, but Jalen better pick up his game.


  • couple bigs who can make A SHOT FROM 12 feet
  • a JUCO scorer combo guard/wing (Mike’s last 3 have been great: Barford, Macon and Jones)

Are you saying you didn’t enjoy two years of Portis and Qualls team and two years of Macon-Barford team with Dusty in one of those years? I did and was part of lot of screaming crowds of 15K to 18K.

I am not sure we are going to get 19K into BWA unless we are playing a Kentucky or a big name team. We did have 19K last year for the Kentucky game.

Hate to be the killjoy here. But while our guards are young and talented, unless thier defense improves dramatically, and gain about twenty pounds of muscle, they will likely get manhandled by the bigger guards in , and coming into the SEC. And other than having Portis and Gafford fall into his lap, can Coach Anderson recruit a couple of bigs? He doesn’t even have an assistant that played the four spot let alone the five. Even with good bigs and physical guards, Coach Anderson’s teams never rebounded well, and thier three point defense was horrible, and press was shredded by decent points. As an Anderson supporter, it pains me to point these things out. Unless Coach Anderson swallows some pride and makes some changes on his staff,(Another recruiter and someone to coach bigs would be welcome.) next season could be Coach Anderson’s last as Head Coach.

And I agree with your opinion. People leave out details on how many close games we lost simply on free throw shooting. We shoot 70% from the free throw line this year we make the tournament and these threads don’t exist.

If we didn’t have history to rely on, I would say CMA was in trouble next year. But if we look at history we were in worse shape in 15-16, and the staff did what they needed to do to turn things around. I think the core as a whole that we’re returning was better than what we returned in 15-16, even if we have a couple transfers.

And we know the staff’s history with JUCOs, they typically knock them out the park and they are on some really good JUCO players, the good thing about this year, is this is a deep JUCO class with a lot of high major caliber players, and we’re in the mix for some of them. So I fully expect them to add at least 2 impact JUCO players, then I think we’ll land at least 1 of these 4-star big men in Diawara or Hawkins.

We split with Missouri and Texas a and m. So if we have better talent then we got outcoached. I would say our talent was about like our record. 9 th in the league. We need shooters in the worst way. We’ll see what we sign.

I agree with Razorwill…we currently are about 9th in talent in the SEC. After losing Gafford, we may or may not be 9th…depends upon who we recruit, what players stay and how the rest of the SEC has recruited for next year.

I imagine we won’t be as good next year without somehow getting our frontline shored up…a young Reggie Chaney alone is not going to do it. We are going to have to have some front line talent come here.

You do realize that sometimes the other team just plays better and makes more shots. We beat LSU @LSU because we shot the ball really well. Doesn’t mean we had more talent or Will Wade coached a bad game. We also beat Indiana because their center missed an easy tip-in, doesn’t mean we had more talent or their coach was bad. When we lost at Mizzou it came down to the final play, Gafford got hook and held we should have got 2 shots to win the game and got the ball back, but it’s whatever, we are where we are. Most experts thought we were a bubblish/NIT team with our youth, that’s exactly what we ended up being.

I ask this question. Who the hell is everybody else?

If that’s about my post, look at all the sports boards that claim to be AR fan boards. Everyone knows how good or how bad we will be next year, they also know who is staying, who is going, Mike is staying, Mike is fired, who the next coach is, who the next AD is, who the officials will be for our games, who the new coaches and players in our league will be, etc…

Hence my comment, apparently everyone knows (sarcasm, if you’re still confused)