Whoever New Coach Is

He better focus upgrading both lines of scrimmage. This has been where our program has really taken a step back in the SEC for the past 4-5 years in my opinion. It started during the middle of Bielema’s regime when we whiffed on some higher ranked OL and DL and saw the on field results once Trey Flowers, Kirkland, Philon and crew moved on. These roster deficits’ momentum continued these past two years for Morris, and there appeared to be not enough player development/improvement of what we have…ie we didn’t seem to coach them up to be competitive in the SEC.

The other issue is team speed…which we don’t have. We have some good young players, but I see a lack of team speed in the back end of our defense and LBs. This will need fixing.

Neither above issue have quick fixes unless these redshirts can be developed quickly by the new coaches on OL and DL. I am worried because I think OL and DL take time to develop which means more difficult years to watch before it gets better. Speed will need to be recruited into the program.

He will jump quickly into the fire.

game 2 at South Bend!

Hogdr, you are right on. Watching Alabama/Auburn right now shows how far we need to go to be competitive again. Both teams have size, speed. athleticism and good QB and skill players. We are not close at this time. It’s going to take years to look like a good SEC team again. The new coach will need a lot of time and support…