Whoa!!!! We pulled it out OMG

The stinking refs tried their best to hose us…but there was no way we deserve to lose this game I am so glad we pull this out what an incredible effort way to go guys!!!

What an unbelievable win. Did not think we had a chance after Gafford fouled out.

That last possession lasted forever didn’t it? OMG I almost had a heart attack.

What a great effort by these kids! Great win for them,

I totally agree with all that’s been said, great road win!

Go Hogs!

And we beat the refs!

Huge win against a good team in a hostile environment with very lopsided officiating–That’s normally not a recipe for a young team to win but we pulled it of! Hats off to the coaches and players–a job well done!

The refs DID hose us but we won anyway