I believe that even Rick Shaffer is saying that CMA “is a nice guy, but has not worked out”…
With that in mind, WHO would be a candidate to replace CMA?
An up & comer?
An established big name?

There are plenty who would want this job, big time. What about Kermit Davis at Middle Tennessee?

Kermit Davis CAN coach!!!
Does well vs SEC competing as a mid major! AR is a PLUM job! Great facilities; great fan support, great tradition!..and the pay is GOOD!

Kermit if I recall correctly is no stranger to NCAA trouble.

You are correct, but that’s all in the rear view mirror!!!

No change.

Living in Austin, I really like Smart.

He does not have the horses yet, but is amassing them and he is going to have a monster at TX.

He won’t leave TX, but if we make a change, I would like someone like that

WHEW, for a moment I thought you were referring to KIRBY and then I realized you meant SHAKA!

Greg Marshall would be at the top of my list but I doubt we can outbid the Koch Brothers.