Who You Watching Tonight?

I’ll probably flip back & forth between the WV-Pitt game and the Mizzou-LA Tech game(ESPNU). I saw the Tech buses headed to the airport yesterday in Monroe and forgot they were playing the Tigers.

Trying to decide about menu…venison pepperjack sausage from the grill or fajitas or a steak? Gotta set the right time out the gate this season for game watching food. Going to smoke marinated venison tenderloin for our game Saturday afternoon.

Get through this day, then off to the camp to start working on food plots and getting deer stands ready for deer season later. Got a bow hunter in the house so getting his lock on up on the right tree and ready to hunt in a few weeks.

I love this time of the year!


It’s the absolute best time of the year - I’m going with nilgai antelope sausage (3 cheese + jalapeno)

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Harding @ East Central

Signal Mountain Middle School vs. East Hamilton Middle School. JV @ 5:00 pm Varsity at 7:00 pm. (Chattanooga)

Then TN vs Ball State.

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Pitt ands WV. The Pitt QB better hope he plays well and pulls out a victory.

I’m watching the soccer Hogs vs. Western Michigan. Then I may turn over to the Backyard Brawl. Or Misery.

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I am with you Swine

This game should be a good warm up for Pitt since they have the Vols coming up. UT needs opponents from outside the MAC where they burnish their season records normally.

Planning to watch two Razorback specials to start, then I’ll likely flip back and forth between Pitt and the others. @HogDoctor good luck on your plot work! Started our’s this week.

Wish I could watch the Mizzou game. Don’t get The U. Guess I’ll watch Pitt and West Virginny.

Got some stumps to grind down tomorrow with bobcat then going to plant some soybeans in one spot…friend gave me the bean seed so trying it until first freeze/frost to add some variety. Plan to plant oats, wheat in few weeks along with clover, chicory, radishes and turnips in different spots.

I like me some venison sausage with pepperjack & pineapple. Sounded weird to me until I tried it. My processor mixes some pork butt with the venison to give some fat so not as dry as pure ground venison.

My plan tonight got shot down by wife bc we had church meeting for a pastor who’s leaving…but it wasn’t bad bc they had a good gumbo & bread pudding there.

Checked in on our most recent victim at halftime of the soccer match (we’re up 3-0). Purdue just scored to take a 10-7 lead on Penn State in the second quarter.

PSU still has the same QB that Bumper knocked into the middle of next week, by the way.

WV-Pitt is good game to watch. Mizzou-Tech is not bc my alma maters QB kept throwing it to the wrong team in the 1st half.

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Indeed, this Backyard Brawl has been quite the game.

In my humble opinion WV got screwed badly by the refs twice. What’s new?

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West Virginia forum is hilarious (it always is). They want the coach dead, the players dead, anyone who went to the game dead and anyone who disagrees with those sentiments, well, they want them dead too.

How do you have the time, or the inclination, to read the WVa forums? Are you a closet coal miner, lol.
I’m not sure WVa got screwed tonight…although they should have won. The game completely turned on a pass that the receiver should have caught, but it was intercepted for a pick 6. I get why their fans are on suicide watch. I just hope WE play clean on Saturday. Go Hogs!

Heck I joined the WV forum when I found out how bi-polar they are. On page 5 of a game thread their players are the greatest on the planet. On page 15 the very same players are the scum of the earth. The Slovis word is used about 5000 times in a thread.