Who you got?

hoping Iowa sticks it to LSU tomorrow…sure don’t need Mulky winning a Natty in her 2nd year there…


Iowa should win, but hoping LSU keeps the title with SEC.

Don’t care about the rest of the SEC, because they damn sure don’t care about us.
Mulkey looks like an angry cartoon character.
Go Iowa and Caitlin!
What a joy to watch!


LSU in a close one. I don’t get the Kim M hate but we better get used to this…she’s building a juggernaut in Baton Rouge. I sigh knowing we could be seeing some of this in Ruston if Tech had ponied up and paid her back in the 2000’s.

She wouldn’t have stayed there. Somebody bigger would have come along and thrown more money at her, just like she left Bayluh for LSWho.

Totally agree. Techs pockets aren’t as deep as power conferences programs with all the TV money discrepancy vs smaller schools in their athletic budgets. It’s sad to see the Lady Techsters fall…when is was in school in the 80’s, they were more fun to watch than the boys, minus the Mailman years.

I’m pulling for LSU. I like what she’s doing down there. Until CMN prioritizes defense we’ll be getting bounced. Dad and I were talking this week. What surprises us is that Coach Blair and Coach Schafer are both defensive minded coaches so you would think Neighbors would be too but it’s the same verse over and over.

I’m for Iowa all the way. I expect LSU to probably double team Clark but Iowa has several other very capable three-point shooters and a very reliable post player.

I think they win by about 6

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I don’t want to see LSU and the clown win anything. Go Iowa win it all! The SEC sticks it to our hogs even upon review from Burmingham.
Just like the call at home plate in baseball yesterday. Josey should have been safe. The ruler for obstruction is there to prevent what happened and again like football our hogs got screwed. We won the game but it was a sham.
The money in the SEC is great but the treatment stinks!

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The catcher can block the plate if he has the ball. The Bama catcher had the ball. Call was right.

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YUP. Catcher made a good play.

That is the rule. At first I thought obstruction as well. But after reading the rule, it was a no doubter.
He clearly had the ball and under control.

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