Who you got tonight?

I say Baylor by 8 to 10. Baylor’s #45 is awfully hard to contain. And Gonzaga could be spent. Ought to be a great game.

Gonzaga all the way. My distaste for the Baylor (spit) Bears is deep.

Baylor by 20!

My gut is telling me Baylor will win after seeing UCLA push Gonzaga to OT, so I’ll go with Gonzaga. Lol


Gonzaga. They were looking ahead Saturday. No game for them to look ahead to tonight.

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I agree, I like Baylor.

BUT, I’ve watched Gonzaga quite a bit this year, I have never been impressed with them. Really thought they’ve played some bad games. Then you look at the stats from those games and they win shooting%, FT%, rebounds, and turnover battles. And you have to question, if they’re indeed playing bad games and still winning the way they have, can anyone really beat them?


Kispert won the Julius Erving Award given to the nation’s best small forward. Timme won the Karl Malone Award, which is given to the nation’s best power forward. Ayayi may be better than they are.

UCLA is better than Baylor in my opinion

Houston looked overrated to me

I picked the Zags in my bracket and I’m sticking with that. I think their offense will overcome the Bayluh D.

Baylor only beat us my 9 and they couldn’t miss, we shot poor and fouled out early. I’ll take zags.

I’ve thought Gonzaga and Baylor were clearly the 2 best teams all year, and I picked the 'Zags to beat Baylor in my bracket. But wow when Baylor is clicking on all cylinders like they were Saturday they may be too much for anyone to handle. They are a very complete team. 'Zags have their work cut out for them.

I picked 3 brackets and had the Zags beating Baylor in two of them. Had the Hogs winning it all in the 3rd bracket.

84-77 Zags. If Baylor is hot from 3 then they should win. Live by the 3 and die by the three though. They hit over 50% from 3 against us (8/15). Bet it is closer to 30% tonight…

Zags are due.

I picked Baylor last week and I’m sticking with it


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Baylor with their lock down defense.


Defense wins championships and Gonzaga has the better defense. They will win by 10.

Some may not care, but here is where both teams stand in terms of offensive and defensive efficiency for the season, according to KenPom:

Army with the call!

You pretty much called it. That engine didn’t miss a beat all weekend.

I knew Baylor had the type team that could beat the Zags but didn’t think they would dominate them the way they did, best team won. Too many weapons