Who you got Lunardi or Palm?

Both have posted their final brackets. Who do you think will be more accurate?

The big differences I noticed…

Lunardi has Syracuse as last 4 in. Palm has them firmly out (not even in first four out)
Lunardi has Vandy firmly in the field as 9 seed. Palm has them as last 4 in.
Lunardi has N. Carolina as 1 seed, Duke as 2. Palm has Duke as a 1 seed, and N. Carolina as a 2

And this isn’t a big difference. But, it applies to us. Palm has us an 8 seed. Lunardai has us as a 9.

Everything else really isn’t that big of a deal, pretty similar. We’ll see here in a short while who knew what they were talking about more. I don’t like to say this, because Palm has been a SEC/Razorback hater all year, but I think he may end up being more accurate. I don’t see Syracuse getting in the field. And I think just because Duke won conference, they’ll move into that 1 seed. Also, think Arkansas will get an 8 seed. Now, I do think Palm is completely wrong on Vandy, I think they’ll end up being like a 9 or 10 seed.

Ask yourself this: Do blueboods get snubbed very often when they have any kind of argument to be in the field? There’s your answer.

Having been a season ticket holder for 34 years, I have forgotten the bracket.

Back in the time I could remember each match up. Just walk it and visualize the complete bracket.

So does a 8-9 winner play the No 1 seed?

10-7 winner plays a 2 seed?

Syracuse did not earn a bid last year or this year. But they will bet in. Money is what this is all about!
For us our hogs get left overs

Correct on both counts.