Who Ya Got Tonight?

I think the Dawgs will win in a close one.

I’m going TCU.

Dawgs and Stetson.

I think Georgia by 10

Georgia by more than one score.




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Dawgs going away. I hope so since I live less than a mile from the Georgia state line and have a ton of Dawg fans. Not a fan of Dykes…

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Dogs by 24 :man_shrugging:WPS

The team picked With double digit prediction is 0-2.

Dawgs by 2 TDs or better.

I think the dawgs will win pretty handily. Then again, I’ve been underestimating TCU most of the year.

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UGa 41-14.

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Go Dogs.

If I heard this right, a guy on ESPN said that the last 5 double digit dogs in the CFP and Super Bowl have won outright. Food for thought.

Jawja, going away…

I have been surprised by how good TCU’s D has looked, but still can’t see them holding up in the trenches in the 4th quarter with Dawgs. Will be shocked if it’s not a 2 score win for Georgia.

Dawgs by 20.

Going with TCU tonight. Not sure why, just a feeling after watching last weekends games. The Dogs didn’t look very good but won. The Frogs played well and stood toe to toe with a big physical Michigan team.

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Well, it’s early. But it looks like the dawgs are pretty dominant. 10-0 midway through first qtr. TCU is gonna need some luck to win.

The luck they got was a major coverage bust. Jawja’s secondary isn’t much better than ours, honestly. This might end up as a shootout.

TCU definitely going with the ugly helmet game.

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