Who would you rather face? OSU or Missouri State?

I’ll be honest, I want no more to do with the hot hitting OSU Cowboys, especially in their own home stadium. We could not keep them off the base path last night. They scored 12 and left like 15 on base.

That being said, one of my least favorite teams and coaches not named Texas is Missouri State. Those just always tend to be strange games. I’d darn near consider them as rivalry status in baseball. Still the revenge factor of beating them in a regional and sending them home after they came to Baum and beat us is not lost on me.

So give me Missouri State after something like a 16 inning game where they barely survive against OSU and blow all their pitching.



I think I agree with you. I think MO St would be the easier opponent. They are, after all, the 4 seed. Still, we know what they can do. But I like our chances of beating them at least once out of two tries.


We should be set up good for pitching. Noland will be unavailable, but no one went more than 2 innings except for Morris.

I said before the weekend I would rather face OSU than MO ST again, but after the game last night I’m rethinking that.

But OSU pitched their third baseman last night against us. I know he’s pitched before, so not entirely out of the ordinary, but still I think it gives an indication of where their bullpen’s at. And they’re going to have to throw their best available this afternoon just to have a shot at getting to the final game(s).

I don’t know where MO ST stands with pitching, but I think OSU is in a bad place.

And about to get worse…

I want no part of the Cowboys offense and that crowd will be off the chain tonight for sure and the thought of putting Jaxson Wiggins in front of that crowd and that offense gives me chills just thinking about it.
I can just see a repeat performance of the first inning right now. That’s exactly what we’re probably going to have to face though I’m pretty sure though because Oklahoma state’s probably going to beat Missouri State so just buckle your seat belts boys and hold on tight cuz tonight’s going to be another doozy.

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The third baseman is their closer. Has 5 saves. He had 22 appearances

Oh, didn’t know that, haven’t followed them much.

Still with the extra game today they’re going to be in a worse place than the Hogs for pitching, but I guess that’s true for either team playing this afternoon. Just glad OSU burned their ace top draft pick last night and have to burn their next best available this afternoon.


Yeah I don’t follow them either, just looked up their stats, yeah nobody’s going to be in good pitching shape going forward at all. I just hope we can pull it out.

Yes OSU record is much better with their Ace on the mound than without him for sure

He’s kind of the #2 closer. The #1 closer, with 9 saves, is the one who threw one right into Battles’ wheelhouse. So we beat up both of them.


Oh okay I didn’t look at all the stats.

For a team with 40 wins, they only have 16 saves as a team. Don’t know if that means they were winning by big margins or if they were winning late.

And yes we have 40 wins now too (with 17 saves). Can’t get to 50; there aren’t enough potential games left. Running the table would be 48; we could get to 49 if we come through the loser’s bracket in Omaha. But we gotta get win 41 first.

It would be Mo. State for me. Not that they are not a good ball club, just dont think they have the hitting up and down the lineup like Ok State does. I honestly am worried about the long ball with Wiggins on the mound if it is Ok State based on how good they hit it. He has to be a stud with his off speed stuff and eat up some innings if he is pitching which I assume he will be. Just not sure Mo State has enough left as far as pitching. Thought I read somewhere that they burned a bunch in yesterday’s game. Like Youdaman said and I agree….buckle up because it could be another crazy one tonight!

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Yeah and those two guys have 14 of them so those are their 2 guys. I hope we don’t have to see either one of them because I hope we’re ahead the whole game but I know we can hit either one of them if we have to see them.

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That was the penalty for not giving up the free pass.

Back to OP; I’d much prefer to play MSU

It’s a no brainer Wayner for me. Give me the state of misery.

Looks like that decision has nearly been made. 9-0 thru 2

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