Who would you pick? Casey Martin/Robert Moore and Slavens/Kjerstadt?

I go with Robert Moore over Casey. Better overall defense and less propensity to chase the down and out pitch. I go with Heston over Slavens, just more dynamic power.

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Same here. Moore over Martin for defense and offense.
Heston just got better than Slavens in my opinion.

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If it’s the 2020 Kjerstadt, it’s a no brainer. At the end of those 16 games (before cancelling the season), he was hitting .450 with 6 homers and 20 RBI’s. Kjerstadt had a great overall career also, so yes, I’d also take him over Slavens, who we’ve only seen one year. Both have great left handed swings.

If it were freshman, 3rd baseman Martin, it would be tough choice, but yes, I’d take Moore and his overall game.

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Yeah. I’d go Moore/Kjerstadt. Brady is excellent, but Moore & Kjerstadt are even more so. Casey simply got to where he couldn’t hit & he made several errors at SS. Harley is right about freshman Martin. He was lights out & I thought destined to be one of the best we ever had. He was still very good, but fell back a bit, IMO. Another tough choice would be Dominic Fletcher/Christian Franklin. Two of the best CF’s we’ve ever had & both really good hitters although Franklin seems to strike out more. (I haven’t checked the stats.) Both are/were great at crunch time.

I would throw Eibner into the discussion at CF.

And Benny Baseball.

We’ve had a lot of great players come through this program

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just sec tournament would have to factor in Spanberger

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Casey played the position his team needed him to play. Carson Shaddy was not going to play shortstop. Casey could have played second.

Heston Kjerstad was a three-year starter in the SEC hitting in the heart of the lineup.

This is the first year for Brady Slavens in the SEC. He’s had to figure it out. And, he’s coming off a year where he only got to play one third of a JC season.

Some of it is makes for a tough comparison.

Here’s another one for you: Dominic Fletcher or Christian Franklin in center field?

I look at it this way - I’m glad we got to see all of them play.

But if forced to choose - Moore, Kjerstad and Franklin, who has better overall stats than Dominic.

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Fletcher kicked it into gear at Omaha. We will see if Franklin does, too.

What you do in post-season does matter in the way stars are remembered. Not everyone flourishes on the big stage.

Veering off here a second, but why is this team more successful so far (in the regular season), than that 19 team? Back then, Noland was a weekend starter. So, is the difference the pitching even though we get slammed for not having a great staff?

It’s not one thing. And that team was successful, too. When you get to the title game, that’s success. This team hasn’t done that – yet.

I think this team has everything. It has a deep lineup. It has balance. It has GREAT defense. It has a dominant closer. It probably has more experience. Kjerstad and Martin were true freshmen during that run to the title game.

Goodheart, Franklin, Opitz and Moore are all pre-season All-SEC.

There is a true freshman star in Wallace. But mostly, it’s experienced players.

Noland and Wicklander were the freshmen pitchers two years ago who were asked to do a lot. Sometimes they could, sometimes they couldn’t.

We will see how this team does in the next month. Ultimately, what you do in June is what is remembered most.

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  1. Kopps is 10-0 with 8 saves and has the lowest era in the nation. - so a key part of 18 wins. 2. More home runs (have led the nation at times). 3. More walks. (Higher on base %). 4. Better fielding. 5. Wicklander has lowest ERA in the SEC except for Kopps. 6. Clutch hitting. 7. Not as consistent at starting pitchers # 2 and 3 - but maybe more good middle relievers than in the past. I am no real baseball guy just what I’ve picked up.

I am still curious why Connor Noland has been a no show in games.

He was injured for two months then poor in his first two games back. He’s been better his last two outings. You will probably see him this weekend.

Clay, I believe he was talking about the next year’s team…after the Championship series season. Noland - who he mentions - did not play in the team that narrowly missed the Championship. In 2019, we went 0-2 on a quick trip to Omaha. Lost two 1 run games.

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Could you imagine this team if Heston and Casey stayed another year? How many home runs?

One thing that is rarely mentioned about this team is their ability to draw walks and jack up pitching counts. We may very well lead the nation in total average pitches per game made by the opposition (if it was a viable stat).

Fletch struck out 143 times in 848 plate appearances. CFrank has fanned 142 times in 552 PAs. So yeah, Franklin has struck out a lot more often.