Who would you not want to be quarintined with

this is a takeoff of Cam Jordan who did 5 qB’s that he would not want to be quarantined with for his own reasons:

My older brother. We’re on the same page politically, but he can’t stop talking about it. My younger sister. We’re on opposite sides politically, and she can’t stop talking about it. Sure as heck not with both of them together. There will be blood. :rofl:

Anyone wearing burnt orange.


Chad Morris - I’d rather run out the door, find a crowd and catch the virus.

John Pelphrey - Would go crazy listening to that monotone “never say anything meaningful” voice

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Jim Rome.


Sean Hannity


Nick Saban. Can you even imagine?

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I’m sorry I said anthing about the original post. I see now I ruined the meaning even though I didn’t intend to.

Bill Walton

Dick Vitale


Gus Mahlzan


Wade , Pearl, Cal! Cheating POS who you can’t believe a word any of them say.

I think I would enjoy a day or two with Bill Walton. But at some point he would wear thin. He’s going to crank up Grateful Dead and something else at some point.

Gus Malzahn’s wife…


Although in general the support Razorback fans give is great, I’d hate to be around a lot of Razorback football fans I have been with in the 4th quarter. Even when we are ahead they seem to be totally pessimistic about the eventual outcome. I don’t need false optimism, but the last thing I need in a disaster is someone telling me disaster is right around the corner.


I was able to relate with 4 or 5 that have already been pinned so I’ll attempt to imagine my additional quarantine of pain & suffering. J L Smith Cam Newton Chad Morris Urban Meyer and that pesky LB from missou several years ago that doesn’t know how to spell nor pronounce ARKANSAS.

Easy…_ally _all


A loquacious political/religious enthusiast.

After a single day in quarantine, succumbing to COVID-19 would be welcome respite.

Calapari, just shoot me! WPS

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Anyone associated with the longhorns or ole miss & of course Coach Bert. Will sidestep on suggesting anyone in politics.