Who would have imagined a worry would be not having enough guards?

Basically have only 4 guards on next years team

Smith, Black, Devo, and Ford.

3 are freshman (although outstanding freshman). Hopefully ball handling will be sufficient.

What a huge team we will be able to put on the floor.

Jaxson Robinson can play off-guard. If JWill is back…point forward. :slight_smile:

Many fans bemoaned not having a true, traditional PG on the court for much of our games. Only when Lykes was on the court did it feel like we had a PG playing. Probably leaves us exposed against a team with exceptional trap/press skills, but short of having Russell Westbrook I don’t see the traditional PG role being as necessary as it once was.

Watch some Anthony Black highlights…he’s a true point guard.


Dunning and Pinion can both play the “2” guard spot.

Interesting how the staff has put (or putting) the roster together. They go and get 3 McDonalds AAs for the PG, SG, and SF positions, along with three other top-100 players to provide depth at those positions; then hit the portal for big men.

All the bigs have multiple years remaining, so it looks like the staff wants experience on the front line in '23-'24, in addition to depth this upcoming season.

Pretty genius to me. Still hope JWill comes back. To use a football analogy, Muss has studs at the skill positions, and has added quality depth on the defensive line.

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I’ve always thought that tough, veteran guards win natties. We won’t have those, aside from Devo. Will fun to see what muss does with this wonderful roster


Don’t be to sure

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Gotta worry about something…… :wink:


I was kind of hoping Muss would go shopping for a late game FT shooter. Someone to replace Lykes. How valuable was that guy this year?

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So far, Muss has quickly rebuilt the Razorbacks to be a power in college basketball. I expect that to continue. Although Muss has his way of doing things, I sense that he shares the ability to accept and employ new tactics. Saban switched from a power, ball control offense to a wide open, throw the ball all over the field quick strike offense. His original offense was not broken. The new one just worked better and that enabled him to recruit even more explosive players. Just like Muss is tweaking his roster to be able to adapt to any game scenario. The great one’s just figure it out.

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