Who would be on short list if ever a change?

I think Mike has definately brought stability back to the program where it is much more attractive now than it was before him.

I think Mike deserves a lot of credit for that.

No idea what happens as six years are evaluated.

But if a change were to happen at year end or in future, who should UA keep on a short list?

After our pitiful NCAA appearance with Bobby P and Qualls, I was really doubting Mike, now after 6 years I am certain he is not a good coach. The constant switching on pick and roll, the constant doubing the post, the constant wide open 3 pointers, the constant lack of boxing out, 6 years of mostly bad basketball. So I"m over him. ready to fire him tonight.

That’s the easy part, for me. But whom to hire? that’s the hard part. I don’t want to fire Mike to hire Dana Altman or Stan Heath. Mike’s a good man, has turned a dumpster fire of a program into an unsuccessful but clean program with good grades and character. I’d much rather keep losing with Mike as coach than lose with some guy we don’t know the next few years.

I’m glad I’m not the AD, lol.


I’m with you in that I have always liked Mike.

He has brought stability to program.

One for six on NCAA tournaments is the hardest thing for me to get over even if inherited down program.

I don’t know what happens at all.

But if a change is made I have to believe program is much more attractive now than it was before Mike.