Who would be interested?

Megan and I zipped lined in Costa Rica. It was the most daring thing I’ve ever done in my life because I’m TERRIFIED of heights. I’m glad I did it, but the whole time I was thinking I was going to die.

http://www.dailymail.co.uk/news/article … n-UAE.html

I’m way too old for that now. Looks like it would take your breath away. When I went through Ranger training in 1960, we held on to a handle attached to a pulley to slide down a cable over a lake, dropped into the lake, and then had to swim out. Tough training. I don’t know if it is still used in Ranger training today. GHG!

I didn’t think I’d ever get to do the zip line thing because most have a weight limit of 250 lb or so. But last summer we were in the Dominican Republic and they have one rated for big boys, said as long as I could fit in the harness I could go! You start on in a pirate ship on the side of a hill and have to walk the plank… It was a lot of fun and they have a really neat swimming area at the bottom with a little waterfall.

I did one in Mexico but they had to split the sides of their largest glove for met to use. (your hand was the brake)

I did that about 12-15 years ago with my athletic & much younger daughter. Too old then. Way too old now. She enjoyed it, but I’ve better enjoyed root canals

I’ve done it twice, most recently in February down in Cabo. Pretty exhilarating flying across a canyon many, many feet below you! I loved it, my wife on the other hand did not…

I would love to do it (even though I am somewhat afraid of heights). I want to sky dive too. Last I checked I was over the weight limit for the skydiving place I checked (I am a lot less than I was a few years ago, but still not a small guy). I suspect the zip line places have similar weight limits too. :frowning:

OK, now the DR is on my bucket list before I get too much older! I am over 250, but not that much over, so I never thought I could go!!

I highly doubt if I was offered a million dollars I could jump out of a plane.

i Love Ziplning! me and me ex wife did it numerous times! the best was in St Kitts from 250 feet high!! we were way above the trees but it was so cool!!

My adult niece ziplined many times and enjoyed it until last September in the Bahamas. She has had two surgeries on her ankle and and a plate and eight screws inserted. She was in a cast and unable to drive for about six months and is facing more surgery. She somehow got turned around and came in backwards and hit her leg on the landing. LOL, she does say she would consider doing it again (getting back on the horse I suppose).

I’ve ziplined quite a few times, love roller coasters and would like to try skydiving at some point. That rush of adrenaline from moving fast through the air is pretty tough to beat.

Jimmy, you really ought to try a winged suit.

Agree. Go for it.

WSoP hit the nail on the head on this one: zip-line, bungee-jump, skydiving (solo, NOT tandem), and wing-suit … been there, done that.

Hands down, the winged suit was the biggest rush.

Still trying to figure out how to hook up with those guys that fly with the jet packs. (Check out their videos on YouTube; you’ll see what I mean.)

Never done any of those things . I figured if Jimmy did the winged suit and survived, I might give it a try. :wink: