Who won the SEC softball?

I thought we won it, but on Twitter it says Florida won?

Arkansas and Florida are Co-Champions.

Thanks to a tie-breaker vs Alabama, Florida gets the #1 seed in the tournament but other than that, they are both SEC Champs.

Thanks to two walkoff homers against the Aggies. And a girl who stuck her elbow out over the plate to get hit THREE TIMES and the ump let her get away with it.

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I watched that–couldn’t believe that the umps missed it. I wanted the Aggie coach to say something but she just stood there and let it happen over and over. Glad she’s not our coach.

Home plate ump probably missed a play at the plate that gave Florida a run too, but it was pretty close. She looked out on the replay, but there is no replay in softball. The Gator batter who stuck her elbow out wasn’t close at all. Clearly deliberate. Leave it to the Aggies to get walked off twice in games they should have won.

Some Florida paper had an article about the gators being SEC Champs. No mention of Arkansas in the article except for being the No 2 seed . I called them out on it and ask them who was the other champ? :joy::joy:

The fla coach did congratulate us after their win over aggies, I thought that was first class on his part.

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