Who won the Crip Hall award?

… for best performance by a Senior at homecoming?

I did glance through several articles, but I could have missed it.

Strange homecoming. During fall break and was a little disjointed.

… for the reply on Twitter. He is a good choice and he has certainly been invaluable to the team.


I thought homecoming was almost an afterthought the way it was presented at the game last night. I just came up for the game, which is always the case, but the entire ceremony at the game was really rushed through. I know they are actually making progress with the game atmosphere, so maybe they thought homecoming activities would somber the mood, but I almost felt sorry for the homecoming court. I remember when they used to circle the field before the game in old antique cars, introduce the old cheerleaders appearing at the game, have the alumni band perform at halftime, and have the homecoming court walk across the field one at a time. None of this is done anymore, maybe it’s a bygone era.

There were only nine votes, which might be a low. I know we didn’t have a ballot at our seats because the wind blew away all the rosters/programs before any of us arrived. So I didn’t even think about it. And I think most everyone there was so wrapped up in the game they forgot to cast a vote.

Hard to argue with Toby. Keon may have been the only other one in the running.

Besides the sororities not many students care about homecoming. it’s just another football weekend.

The alumni band was introduced pre-game just before joining the band for the national anthem. But they never mentioned the alumni cheerleaders, although I saw them briefly.

I wish they would fix it so that those of us indoors could hear the band. I kept my South Indoor Club ticket after Daddy died, mostly because I really like the people around me. They seem to have quit putting microphones on the field for the band performances. :frowning:

Toby Baker is a good choice, but I thought there were other good choices. I was debating over Brooks Ellis or Dan Skipper. Those two both played lights out. Skipper was my choice.

Skipper would be my first pick.

He embodies the fierceness of the team.