Who wins the NC tonight?

I think LSU wins it 31-27.

I lean towards LSU as well.

Don’t know if you watched any ESPN this morning, but Rex Ryan “picked” Clemson by pointing at the #3 ranking and saying after tonight Clemson will have 3 NC’s. Guess he forgot about Danny Ford.

My head tells me LSU wins

But my gut says Clemson…
I’ve quit betting against Clemson

Clemson gets the experience advantage. LSU gets the home field advantage. I think LSU has more talent. I would honestly like to see Clemson get blown out but I don’t think it will happen.

I think Clemson wins, but I’m pulling for LSU.

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Clay, honest question, why are you picking Clemson? Something you’ve seen in them?

I think LSU wins, but I am pulling for Clemson.

Brent Venables is a great defensive coordinator and I think it’s experience in these type games. I tend to pick defense in these situations. But it’s not like I think it’s a lock pick.

And my question, why did you say it’s an honest question? I assume all are honest.

LSU 28 - 24. Just too much offensive talent. I think LSU got a little lucky with Clemson beating Ohio St. Believe the buckeyes were the better of those two teams.

Some on here seem to get bent out of shape when you ask why that is their opinion, so I say honest question so individuals know I’m not trying to mess with them.

I believe tOSU was the better of those two as well, but I thought they were close enough that the pressure of “the big game” would affect them

Your response was exactly what I thought you meant when you posted it, but I have to admit that Clay’s question made me stop and think why it is that I use that term, when I do. And I came to the same conclusion - usually, if you just ask someone “why” they think this or that (on a board like this), the other person reacts as if they think you are implying they are wrong…or you have some similar agenda for asking. And then they respond accordingly…frequently with aggression.

Good question by Clay and equally good response from you - “honestly”…lol…

I expect & hope that it is an LSU win for the SEC. However, LSU close win against an injured & error prone AL makes me question their ability to pull off a victory over Clemson.

Pulling for LSU, my second school (still doesn’t sound right) I think they win fairly comfortably.

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Clemson and I hate LSU and will be pulling for Clemson

My thinking LSU and by 7-10.

I am old and have lost most of my sense! I believe LSU wins big, maybe 3 TD’s. Not accepting wagers!

Hope LSU but my gut says Clemson. LSU defense has proven porous at times this year and they will face the second best QB this year. And with all this time to prepare Venables will have some surprises.

Should be a barn burner!

Another easy win for LSU. Clemson, and their QB, have the experience playing in the NC game. Clemson probably has a bit better defense, but LSU has a MUCH better offense. No QB in college football is cooler under pressure than Burrow.

LSU 38 - Clemson 24

I think Clemson wins because it has been in this situation before and because it has a better defense. It seems odd that Clemson is the one trying to repeat, but all the pressure seems to be on LSU because of the game being in New Orleans.