Who will you root for in the CFP?

I’m, for some reason, rooting for Bama. I’d kinda like to see them finish this season off. They beat every regular season opponent by 20+ points. This might be one of the best college teams ever. On the other hand, I wouldn’t be disappointed if they got their hopes crushed.

Being from Ohio, the Buckeyes are a team I follow, but not a big fan. I’d like to see them slip into the CFP just to hear all the whining. They will need some help to make it.


I’d like to see someone new step up and win it this year, although the teams that likely are to participate are all well-established programs. But it has been a while since Notre Dame, Oklahoma or Georgia won a championship.

Alabama winning the national championship every year is not good for college football as a whole, in my opinion, and it certainly isn’t good for the other SEC programs that have to compete against Alabama on the field and in recruiting.


Although I’m tired of Alabama & Saban winning all the time, I think it would be a shame for the best college football team of all time < IMHO, to lose at this stage.
Some teams have exposed Bama a little in some games, but their sheer talent in numbers always prevails.

I think only Clemson has a shot.

I’ll always root for an SEC team over anyone else. Want the SEC
to always be top of the mountain in college sports. It just seems
to piss off the rest of the world and that gives me a bunch of warm
fuzzy feelings!

If two SEC teams make it in like say Goergia and Bama, I’ll always
root against Bama, they’ve had too much pie lately. Its time for
another to get a slice.

Ditto…anybody but Notre Dame.

whoever plays Clemson

Anyone other than Notre Dame. I have hated them since 46 when they beat my team Army. I had no idea who or what Notre Dame was but hated them, still do. It is a shame one of the SEC teams will likely be out after Saturday.

Whoever plays Oklahoma

If Georgia somehow beats Bama, unless it’s an ass whippin’, I think Bama would get in before any other 1 loss team.

I just hope tOSU doesn’t weasel their way into the playoffs. Georgia has to beat Bummer just to get in. They might beat them once, but there is no way they will beat them twice. Sure wish SoCal had taken care of the Irish.

Sec schools until there are none. If it’s Bama so be it,if its Georgia that good also, it’s good for all the schools in the Sec any way you cut it in my opinion. WPS

Clemson consistently being a national topic of conversation helps Chad in living rooms…

I guess I would root for Georgia if they get in, which I doubt.

Kirby Smart reminds me of Jeff Bridges’ big brother…Beau Bridges when he was younger.

ND will lose by at least three touchdowns.

I’ll root for, In order:

whoever’s in
Never Notre Dame

My first 17 years, I lived 30 miles from Notre Dame. I grew up hating them (in sports), and I’ll never stop hating them. Maybe even worse than Texas.

I don’t really root for other college teams, but here’s how I see the playoff stacking up.
1-Alabama vs 4-Oklahoma
2-Clemson vs 3-Notre Dame

If had to place a bet it would be Alabama, but I honestly don’t care who wins.

Go Hogs!

Money money money!! SEC. Would love to see another SEC vs SEC, but the only way that happens is if Georgia beats Alabama this weekend in the SEC Title game and Bama then slips in ahead of one of the others. Otherwise, I lived in Alabama while in the Army for over 11 years so I have many Bama friends and my red wardrobe matches. Therefore, Roll Tide!


But, no way will they beat Alabama twice in 3 games… Alabama is unbeatable if Tua stays healthy.