Who will start Wednesday?

Will it be Campbell or possibly Wick?

Wicklander Im pretty sure,We started Murphy in game 1 last yr.

I agree, but DVH may not.

true and he outranks both of us. :slight_smile:

He could start Cole Ramage and make it a piece together game! I don’t like the SEC Tournamnet that really has no true purpose! Especially the way a team with a losss can wlimate a team with no losses on Saturday! Can it and forget all about it!

The SEX Tournament…can I get that on basic cable or is that a premium channel? Asking for a friend.

Go Hogs!

(just messin’ with you Army)

It only has pitchers and catchers.

Sorry . . . couldn’t resist.

Well, I guess in the SEX tournament everyone gets past 1st base. Does everyone score?

I don’t know, but it would give the Aggies an unfair advantage. After all, they’d be the only team in the tournament for which every one of their players hit from both sides of the plate.



There are a lot of things blocked at my house. Looks like I’m not watching baseball this week.

What choo talkin bout Clay :?:

It’s ok Wiz I should pay close attention before I hit submit! It won’t be the last mistake I make!

Why wouldn’t we start Scroggins or Kosty? Neither one threw that much last weekend and both have starting experience.

My hunch is that the coaches would rather keep Campbell on a seven-day rest pattern this time of year and that he wouldn’t start until at least Thursday. I kind of wonder if Wicklander might start. He only threw 44 pitches Friday. Remember when Connor Noland had his bad start at Vanderbilt, he threw again a few days later against UAPB.

I was thinking Ramage until he threw as much as he did on Friday. I am thinking it could be Wicklander but I wouldn’t be surprised if DVH goes with Kostyshock.

I thought when Dave took Wicklander oops, I meant Noland, out against A&M after so few pitches, he might have been thinking about this week. It’s not like he started looking like he was out of control or that the ball game was out of hand at that point. I figured one of three things: they saw something mechanically wrong so that they wanted him out before it hurt us; they wanted to get more pitchers into the game that haven’t thrown enough; or that they didn’t want to “over throw” anybody & 44 pitches was a good number to stop at.

It might surprise some to realize that though Wicklander threw just 1.2 innings Friday, he recorded essentially the same number of pitches (44) that Connor Noland tossed (45) in his 4.1 innings of work. Even though Noland hit a small rough patch in the 5th (which Scroggins threw some gasoline on), he was sailing along at an outrageously efficient clip when he was lifted - surprised me that DVH took him out so early. In retrospect, he may have been thinking about this week (SECT) for him as well.

Then again, he let Isaiah throw 102 pitches, so who knows?

I was confused by your post, but now I see why. I said Wicklander when I meant Noland. I was surprised he lifted Noland & thought those reasons applied to him. I thought he lifted Wicklander because he was getting killed on the mound. My bad.

I would have a mind to throw plunkett and not start any of the players that made second team. Not happy w sec but never have been. We get the shaft in officiating, scheduling, voting, etc.

But in the end I would try to win but not ruin my pitching staff. Everyone healthy and ready for ncaa. And I would also be tempted to rip that sec patch off.

Our kids got robbed. So did our coach.