who will start first game for us

save Campbell until game 2? start a freshman? bullpen game?

Interesting question, I hope he saves Campbell and let’s one of the freshmen win the first one…

I’m thinking this is likely. When asked about this yesterday, DVH demurred; if he were going with our standard rotation, I think he’d have just said that. But his answer (paraphrasing) was something like “we’re going to study Central Connecticut’s line-up, and see if they are stronger in right or left handed hitting, then make a decision - probably tomorrow (Tues)”.

That implies to me that they are going to decide from between Noland and Wick, based on UCC’s line-up.

But I’ve been wrong before. :wink:

Central Conn team BA is .260 and only 26 HRs be shocked he sends Campbell out to face that I’m almost certain it will be Wicklander.

The rotation needs to be set to also give rest before the super. I just hope we win the regional and have rested pitchers. Ole Miss may not survive their regional because they fried their bullpen in Hoover.

My guess for our regional
Game 1. Wicklander
Game 2. Campbell
Game 3. Noland
If necessary
Game 4. Scroggins.

I think that’s the likely rotation, too. Assuming we win our regional in 3 games (goodness, I hope so), we should be pretty well rested for the Super whether it starts on Thurs or Friday. If Campbell started the Thurs game, it’d only be on 5 days rest, so I guess it’s possible DVH would also start Wicklander or Noland in the first game of the Super.

I wonder if it might be Connor Noland. He would have had a week of rest by Friday. He has probably been the most inconsistent of the three starters overall, but he has been incredible at Baum and Central Connecticut is the least-threatening hitting team in this regional.

I believe that super regionals typically start on Friday or Saturday, not Thursday or Friday.

Just so you know, Dave Van Horn has said this very same thing every time before a regional. So it’s not anything different with this rotation or this opposition. He is never going to tip his hand this early in the week. That makes the teams prepare for all players as potential starters. That’s the proper way to handle it.

I’m like Matt, I think it will be Connor Noland, then Isaiah, then Patrick Wicklander on Sunday. It is obvious that Noland pitches better at home than on the road. Why that is, not sure. Could be just chance. But his nemesis has been the home run and it doesn’t look like the Friday foe has a lot of power.

It looks like the weather will be good. West wind at 6 mph and 78 temps for Friday afternoon. That’s a light wind blowing out to left and that would suggest a righthander would be best. Going to be SW wind on Saturday and then back to a west wind on Sunday.