Who will make it to the “Show”?


Of all the UA players who signed with their respective MLB team, which ones do you think will actually play in the big leagues?

Personally, I think Blaine Knight is the only one who will make it. You have to dominate at the college level to make it to the top.

What do y’all think?


I like Grant Koch’s chances. He is a solid catcher that receives the ball well and has a quick release to second base. He was tutored by Tom Pagnozzi growing up. Those are all positives in his favor.

There is also something about Kacey Murphy that makes me think he might be able to get there at some point, or at least spend some years in the upper levels of minor league ball. He reminds me a little bit of Jalen Beeks when he came out of Arkansas in that I think he still has some unmet potential and is left-handed.

Grant Koch is the one scouts told me will make it to bigs the fastest. Eric Cole has a great chance, too. Clearly, Blaine Knight is a big talent. As he gains weight, he’s going to get more velocity and he has all the secondary pitches.

Koch’s ability to handle a pitching staff is superb. He has all the intangibles. Scouts had only one question, his overall size. He’s 6-0. Most big league catchers are a little bigger. He will hit enough.

Knight, Cole, Koch, Biggers, and Loeske.

Average height of mlb catchers is 6’ .05".