Who will it be.....................................

…assuming our defensive coordinator is coaching in one of the final bowl games and CCM is waiting for that game to be over before announcing the hire, who could it be? Let’s assume it will be a coordinator who is being let go or one that wants to move for some reason.

  1. John Chavis, age 61, A&M Defensive Coordinator, Coaches tomorrow @ 12:00 CT - Knows the SEC inside and out, decent recruiter. Some think he is too old for this staff but would be a definite upgrade for the Razorbacks.
  2. Chad Glasglow, age 45, TCU Defensive Coordinator, Coaches tonight at 8:00 CT - May want to move out of Gary Patterson’s shadow and make his own name as a defensive coordinator. Since he coached in the same town and against CCM for three years, he should be a well known option. Adds more Texas recruiting power to this staff.
  3. Alex Grinch, age 38? - Coaches tonight @ 8:00 CT - Washington State Defensive Coordinator - Rumored to have already accepted the tenth coach job at Ohio State with some kind of a promise to be the future DC. Maybe. Maybe Not. Has a Missouri background that is intriguing.
  4. Brent Venables, age 47, Clemson Defensive Coordinator - Coaches New Years Day @ 7:45 CT - Why would the defending national champion DC come to Arkansas? Reported to be close to CCM from their days together on the Clemson staff. Reported to want to be the head coach at Kansas State, his alma mater, some day. Would leaving the east coast and establishing recruiting capability in the region (to go with his already established coaching ability) give him that leg up to Kansas State over Snyder’s son, the heir apparent? There is the intriguing rumor that CCM offered A&M a package deal with him and Venables before that job was given to Jimbo. If true, would that package also work at Arkansas? Wouldn’t that be a nice surprise?

You make some very interesting observations!

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Pete Kwiatkowski - University of Washington Defensive Coordinator who has the #1 Defense with a similar talent level to Arkansas and is making 700K a year.

Chavis is the choice

TCU is really run by Gary Patterson, not Glasgow

Grinch is Ohio St. bound as is the UTSA DC to Alabama

Venables is staying put

Just because a guy can get it done at Washington he does not have ties to the south or Texas for recruiting and rare is it a coach is gonna reach out for someone he is not familiar with.

It takes big stones to do what Gundy did when he went to a DII school and hired their 52k a year OC for his position at Oklahoma st. I doubt Morris is in that type of position right now.