Who will finish as the 3rd best team in the SEC this year?

We gave Bama their toughest game at their place last year. We are much improved and will host them on The Hill. I am amazed that no one is mentioning that game as Bama’s biggest potential upset next year.

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St John’s definitely not at Tackle but I like our chances as good as anybody

Agree that we gave them a tough game. However, the final margin wasn’t really indicative of how close the game was (or wasn’t). We scored late to pull to within 7. Alabama was comfortably ahead most of that game (up by 10 at half and up by 13 after 3Q).

Young threw for over 550 yards, so it’s not like we almost had them.

I’m thrilled with where our program is, but we are still a long way from Alabama. And this might be their best team ever.

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