Who will be the starting QB?

I guess I could ask who will be the starting QB anytime and it would be worth discussing. But it is especially relevant now as practices pick up after spring break.

I will be interested to watch how reps are handled Wednesday. We (media) will watch the practice.

I saw Cole Kelley yesterday. He did not look slim. I wonder what his weight is now? I’m guessing he’s still around 270.

There is a feeling (by me) that Ty Storey could be the man. I’ll be interested to watch tomorrow. I think what I’ve seen so far fits him. Quick reads and short throws. I know there will be down the field stuff too. His arm seems stronger.

But the key part of the offense is quick read of the defense and fast pace. He can do that. He is extremely smart. Watch out for Ty Storey over the next two weeks. I’m not predicting anything yet. That’s not what this is, but I guess I’m like The Black Eyed Peas in that “I got a feeling.”

I watched a little bit of Ty Storey in high school and think this offense is going to be more comfortable for him because it is similar to what he ran in Charleston with a bunch of screens, slants, seams and wheel routes.

I haven’t seen enough of him this spring to make any generalizations, but there was one play in the open scrimmage a couple of weeks ago where I thought to myself - and may have even said this to Scottie standing next to me - “that is the best throw I have seen Ty Storey make.” It was on a throw to the far side of the field near the sideline and he put it right on the money for Jordan Jones, who made a basket catch. It was easily the longest pass I have seen him complete as a college QB - not necessarily in terms of yards gained on the play, but in terms of how far the ball was in the air.

He has been inaccurate on deep passes in a lot of the open scrimmages that I have watched him play in the past few years. That limited what they called for him when he did make it into the games. Bret Bielema said a couple of times that he thought his passing was off because someone - he never said who - had messed with his throwing motion during an off-season.

Storey can make the short throws of about 10 yards and in. What I have been waiting to see from him is whether he can make the throws 15 and 20 yards down the field. That is what set Cole Kelley apart from him last year.

I hope Ty gets a shot. One thing seems certain, Cole can’t run the offense if he’s still 270. Hopefully, we’ll know some more answers in the next few days.

Kelly doesn’t slim up and get faster I doubt its him.the fact he hasn’t slimmed up makes me question his dedication,he thinks the can carry that weight and I don’t see it happening too slow!I still think the best option we have BY FAR is Noland I don’t care if he is a fresh or not I would rather learn with him knowing he will be our future than to have him sitting on the bench learning nothing

Count out John Stephen Jones at your peril. I’m serious, too. If Ty Storey is your best option then Conner Noland or JSJ ought to be in the mix. Jones especially IMO. I’ve seen him play a lot more. Accurate as hell. But Noland looks very good too.

If Noland can take the punishment of playing in the SEC he will beat em all out at QB. He is very accurate in the pocket and on the run. He’s got a gun too! Been to all his games last two years. Very mobile.

If Noland can take the punishment of playing in the SEC he will beat em all out at QB. He is very accurate in the pocket and on the run. He’s got a gun too! Been to all his games last two years. Very mobile.

Forget Kelly’s weight. What I thought last year is that he was very inaccurate with his throws. You need to be able to hit the receivers in stride. Seldom did he do that. Regardless of what offense we run, regardless of his weight, his inability to throw the ball to receivers in stride will limit what playing time he gets.

oh trust me I have never been a fan of Kelly because he’s too slow in the pocket and he’s very inaccurate.

Agree with this - hope a better option emerges

Kelley…with two e’s.


Kelley…with two e’s.


My brother and I were wondering the same, aloud, a few weeks ago. My concern with Kelley isn’t mobility but reads and accuracy.

When he initially played last year, his accuracy looked pretty good. Then he started getting hit and having to throw on the run and he was throwing a lot of grounders.

This offense can thrive with a guy who is adept at knowing where to throw and getting it out quickly and on target. It seems that it’s designed to quickly get he best playmakers the ball in space. That can’t happen if the QB isn’t accurate.

I think Kelley would actually be a load in the running game. But, if he has been asked to slim down and hasn’t, that’s probably a bad sign all the way around.

The criticism all along for Storey has been his accuracy. It makes me wonder, did he suddenly get accurate? Is he accurate down the field, or just on the short passes?

Does he have the “it” factor? is he a leader on the team? Do the players respond to him and like him?

I do know this. Kelley has the stronger arm, and can fall forward for four yards. He can see the field. He is an alpha male, vocal, liked by the other players.

I guess it all depends on what Morris wants, and who fits his system best.

Good post, Swagger. From what we’ve seen of Storey…it just doesn’t seem like he could be a factor. This will make the spring game in LR very interesting. Ty Storey could make a case for himself.

A question I have is…are we really going to see a game or is this going to be a glorified practice? If they want a nice crowd…they need to treat this like a game. Choose sides and get after it. None of this 1 against 2 bs. Man up and play a real game. 4 15 minute quarters with refs. Coaches stay on the sideline and coach.

Ty Storey is a factor and will be a factor in this race.

With a two-hour window to play the scrimmage, I doubt you get your four 15-minute quarters wish. I’ve read a little bit about Morris’ spring games at SMU and it appears the teams are the offense and the defense. The offense beat the defense 24-21 last year. The defense gets points for touchdowns, turnovers, fourth-down stops, three-and-outs, blocked kicks, stopped 2-point conversions, sacks and tackles for loss.

I’d go ones against ones and twos against twos if I was the coach. I wouldn’t worry about it being a game. I’d just make it a productive practice. I think fans should understand you have a limited roster (less than 70 on scholarship until freshmen arrive) to be splitting squads for a game. You want your top players working together.

How does Storeys throwing motion look?

I know at one point last year the previous staff seemed to have mentioned working on changing it.

I have always thought when watching him his throw is very awkward and not fluid like you want it to be. Especially as an SEC qb. Has it changed or is it still a little funky?

Morris said today that the scrimmage would be 1s vs. 1s. On the QBs, he said:

“It’s a wash right now at quarterback. I’ll say this: Ty (Storey) started out the spring and progressed heavily. Cole did not start as fast as Ty, but he’s come on.” He said he thought Daulton Hyatt had one of his better days today. A decision on a quarterback won’t be made anytime soon.

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