Who Will Be the Next Coach at Arkansas?

    1. Barry Lunney, Jr.
    1. Eliah Drinkiwitz
    1. Lane Monte Kiffin
    1. None of the Above

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Jason Garrett - Jerry’s agreed to pay his salary for the next 5 years and pay his buy-out any time after 2 years, if he’s unsuccessful. He’s also footing the bill for all the assistant coaching hires. He’s finally agreed to get rid of Jason, but he doesn’t want the poor boy to suffer financially, so he’s just “transferring” him to Arkansas. Our BOT loves it that we are getting a free head coach and staff.

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Wood “Clutch” Newton.

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Deon Sanders …

Forget this drinking water stuff. My money’s on Elijah the Tishbite. This dude can take a little flour and oil and produce a 5 star player everyday. He can be a rainmaker for the program. He can call down fire on all these other Baal worshiping SEC schools. Plus he’s only a little older than Butch Davis.

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No chance for two on that list. ghg

Otis just tweeted that he thinks the dust will settle and it’ll be Kiffin. (I know it’s Otis, just passing along)


Otis the head cat?

Coach Eliah already being disrespected, I misspelled his name in the poll. :rofl:

system will not allow me to edit, that’s the new and improved technology! :upside_down_face:

Should have added as a choice. Who cares. I’m not there yet but close. We’re about to be a full fledged basketball school in a couple of years and baseball already there Add women’s sports also.

They’ve put this football in a burial plot for 4 years. One of worst teams in nation, laughingstock among our sec brethren. The coaches names being bantered about, well I wish them well but not going to anoint anyone until I see results. There are coaches I like better than others but I haven’t vetted them like hy has done. Whoever he picks I’ll support.

Just waiting on the outcome so whoever is named can get on with it. Gonna take some time before this dumpster fire is put out. Like it or not, that is the state of our football program. Truth hurts at times.

Unfortunately football subsidizes the athletic dept and pays the bills - at least up until this past year.

There is still the chance that HY will hire someone that nobody suspects. Do we really know they talked to Leach at Lewiston, Idaho?

Gosh, maybe Paul Petrino is on the list.

I was thinking of someone else who coaches in Idaho, but yeah.

No way on Brian Harsin…I really find that funny.
like “Beard” was coming for hoops.
'cause he coached at UALR.
'cept this more ridiculous.

While I don’t see it either, 7 figure pay raises can lure people away