Who will be the most sought after,

Criswell or Morris’s son?

I suspect a lot of people will assume Chandler is gonna go play for Dad, unless he sends out some strong signals otherwise.

Wouldn’t surprise me if Chandler winds up as a PWO to save Dad a scholarship. Dad can afford it. Especially with the faculty-staff discounts (50% off tuition) at UA.

Players like scholarships, don’t you think Stephen could afford to pay for JSJ’s scholarship? I suspect if he chooses to play at Arkansas, he’ll have a full ride.

Do we really know JSJ is on scholarship? CM may well have cut a deal with Stephen. He signs the LOI, gets all the publicity, but Dad pays the freight. Stephen knows an extra scholarship is a valuable thing (if he could get an extra man onto the Cowboys’ game day list legally, darn right he would). Maybe JSJ is on scholarship as a freshman then Dad takes over from there; scholies are only guaranteed for one year.

We have 85 on scholarship, or we couldn’t bring in more than 25 in this next recruiting class. Are you telling me we have a “secret” player on scholarship that we didn’t announce? You know, one of those scripted announcements that schools are so proudly to publicize? I think not, but if DD or RD says he isn’t on scholarship, then I’ll go with that, until then, he’s on a full ride.

True, but also possible that JSJ is on scholie for 2018 but won’t be for 2019. RD or DD would have to do some serious digging to find that out; UA won’t publicize it for obvious reasons.

It’s also possible that one of the scholarships that went to walk-ons in August (Limpert, Morgan and McClure, I think) was one we thought went to JSJ. Which is what got us to 85.

Nope, those came from Merrick, Martin, and Heinrich. And scholarships are guaranteed for 4 years to initial qualifiers.

http://www.sportingnews.com/us/ncaa-foo … v16tsa0ew8

I don’t know if JSJ would take the PWO at AR over the full ride Clemson offered

Just like CCM’s son

Period. End of discussion


I don’t think Jones had a Clemson offer. Believe it was Texas Tech.

Regardless, it’s an interesting dilemma. The kids and heir families understandably want the cred that comes with being a scholarship player.

But, a rebuilding program needs all the help it can get. You certainly don’t want to alienate the huge donor who also is an Uber famous one with the keys to one of the biggest kingdoms in sports.

We probably won’t know if either are not on scholarship unless their families offer up that info.

It probably doesn’t matter much either way.

Sorry I meant Chandler

They’re going with Chandler. Coaches aren’t that high on Criswell for some reason.

So an ex AR QB’s analysis of Criswell’s potential doesn’t carry much weight with the current staff I guess. He seems to have the size and all the tools to be a good one at the next level.

He likes all the QB’s he tutors, lol. He’s shorter than Morris, and plays against lesser competition. I guess a lot will depend on transfer numbers this spring on whether they take more than 1. I’m not sure they would take Morris commit at the moment, they have offers out to higher ranked guys. We don’t stand much of a chance with them, but no need to run them off, yet.

Some may not offer Chandler because they assume he’s playing for his dad.

I’m not saying you are wrong, since I have no inside info at all on Criswell, but I assumed we were VERY high on him. CStoerner sure is, and I do hear what a great person he is.

Just curious if you have a source close to the staff or what


Don’t overthink things.

As I said all along, JSJ and CM will not keep Arkansas from offering another scholarship.

Yes. I’m no talent evaluator by any means. And admittedly, I’ve only seen Chandler on film. But when I talked to someone very, very, very close to the situation, they made it appear like Chandler is quite a bit better and the number one option. He did not say they wouldn’t take both QBs, but I’m assuming they’re only taking one QB.

I would think they will recruit Criswell hard and make it work out if Chandler chooses to be coaches by dear ol’ dad. Arkansas can’t afford to let homegrown players leave the state.

You could be right. As of now, I just don’t see them pushing hard for Criswell based on what I’ve heard.