Who will be our most productive receiver this year?

If I had asked this a year ago, I doubt very few people would have said Jonathan Nance. I have to think that JN will be in the top 3 in all the major receiving categories, receptions, yards and TD’s. If healthy, I would say that J-red Cornelius would lead the team in receiving yards. I’m not convinced he will be able to stay healthy for an entire season though. It seems we heard as much about a couple of walk ons as we did some of our more highly recruited WR’s in the Spring. Do you think the light comes on for Jordan Jones? Do one of the true freshmen emerge as a big time threat? I really don’t know what to think of this group. Hoping the KU transfer is able to hit the ground running.

Pettway puts it all together this year and thrives in Chads system.

Then I’d say the newcomer Mike Woods gets in line as one of the top 3 guys, maybe 2nd most productive. His work ethic and being on campus early puts him ahead of some of the older guys, IMO.

Very good question and I absolutely have no idea but I’m looking forward to the response of other posters. It seems we have many good young receivers to chose from ,if I had to chose one I would like to see J.Jones do well.I did have a question, is Dion Stewart still on the team and healthy, didn’t hear much about him in the spring ? Thanks, WPS

I think it’s going to be J-Red if he’s healthy. He’ll be in the slot most of the time, he’s our most experienced receiver by far, and four- and five-wide sets won’t let them double him. Nance strikes me as too skinny to take the pounding unless Coach Tru really gets him bulked up this summer.

Stewart’s still on the roster, but he wasn’t playing a huge amount in the BB system either (although he did have six catches vs. Misery). More time at KOR last year than anything else. Is he gonna get the Hammer Down offense?

Thanks, SF for the Stewart update, would really like to see him fit in and become productive as he came from a fairly small instate school. Thanks again,WPS

I really like Mike Woods, and i think Devion Warren can be electric in the slot. I can’t wait to see how our talented TE’s will be used. WPS