Who will be doing

PBP on the radio for the football game on Friday?

Chuck will fly back Thursday and do the football game. Quinn mentioned that during the broadcast Saturday.

Chuck will have some jet lag. But he will be back.

Yes he will…I made that trip many times during the last 4 years of Navy service when I was attached to PACOM in Honolulu…flights to the states were usually overnight…left 1900 or 2000 from HNL and would arrive at DFW, ATL, LAX at 0400 or 0500 and then have to connect from there…at least that is the way it was 15 or so years ago

Chuck pilling up some miles.

Really, OGG a pretty interesting airport. Here is this small place with all these big planes with direct flights to all the major hubs (yes DIA too). And then there are all those private jets lined up there. Pretty cool to see.

How long does it take to fly from XNA to Hawaii in the jets they fly in?

I’d guess a direct flight from Maui to XNA might be around nine hours.

That would definitely be tough. I’ve came back from Maui before took me a couple days to get back in the swing of things

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The night I got home from Maui a coach was hired and I covered the press conference. I was a zombie.


I found one estimate that a direct nonstop flight would be 7.5 hours.

OGG to DEN is 6:30 to 6:45 hrs. It is 7 to 7:30 coming due to W to E winds . Would be another hr to XNA.

We had a good tailwind and made it from OGG to Ohare in 7 hours one time.

That sounds bout right. The one time we traveled to Hawaii, it was a 9 hour flight from Atlanta.


The team flew their charter home after the game, it was a direct Maui to XNA flight. They left a little after 11pm, Maui time.

Years ago we did Maui direct to Dallas. Trip back was 6. Only went once. The trip out was to Honolulu. Seems like it was closer to 7.

That must have been the good old days, it was 8 out, and is listed as 7 coming back. We waited 40 minutes to de-ice at XNA leaving to connect in Dallas, took longer than the flight, haha.

I might not have the time right. I read A River Runs Through It twice on way back. Prose.


It sounds like it took Arkansas’ team about seven hours to get back. I seem to remember my flight back to Dallas being eight hours from Maui, but I might be getting it confused with the flight there or another long flight.


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